Is the NAC 282/NAP 250-DR really that huge an upgrade from a SN2?

This is going to be my next all-at-once upgrade, and I feel it is coming sooner than I could’ve hoped or expected. I’ve read through tons of threads on the separates combo, but am wondering, with all things being equal in already owning a HiCap-DR, if the 282/250-DR is really a substantial upgrade from the SN2 and how so? I’d love to hear from those with this specific upgrade path (and no, I am not looking to go straight to the 252…not yet). Thanks!

*ADDED as an FYI: My source is the NDX 2/XPS-DR.

I moved from a Hicapped Supernait 2 to a 282/250DR. I wouldn’t claim that I have terribly audiophile ears, but to me it was a worthwhile move up the ladder.

The 250DR is such a superb power amp — drives my PMC 25.23 most easily. Squeezes out what they have to offer. Surely a 300DR would do more but I doubt that my speakers could justify a 300DR. The 250DR is all I need — even if I upgrade the speakers (say a pair of Fact 8).

The 282 — what can I say. It offers so much more insight than the SN2. It is also a worthwhile step up. I just feel everything is more rounded - it lets you connect with the music.

Don’t get me wrong the SN2 is fantastic, and in fact I kept mine for a second system. Couldn’t sell the beauty. But the 282/250 just gives so much more. As far as amplification is concerned, I doubt I need more…


In a word: yes :grinning:


Yes. It’s called opening the window. You will surprised what the pre of the SuperNait was holding back. The 282 will welcome this information and it will put a wide grin on the 250 and you in turn.


I had an SN3 and listened to a 282 with 250DR. I don’t know what I expected but I wasn’t all that impressed by the difference.
It was only when I listened to the 282 with a 300DR that I decided to upgrade.
I’ve since upgraded the 282 to 252.
I thought the SN3 was very good. If I’d not joined this site I’d probably not have looked to upgrade but it’s impossible to visit this site and not become curious about them.


The £5,500 extra cost is a lot of money. You really need to try it for yourself. As the above posts show, one person’s opening window is another’s slight draught.


Apparently you can buy a decent used car for this amount of money, and even keep some change… :wink:

You can get them used for alot less than that as we all know. A 282 HiCapDR with 250DR is obviously going to be a few steps up from the Supernait. But more boxes, more cables. A personal choice and it depends what you want and where you are going with it all.

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A well used car definitely. But surely a good hifi is better than a used car?


282/250 is exactly what I would aim for to match your source. In terms of getting a good balance between ‘source first’ and ‘mullet’ it’s just right.
For what it’s worth I’ve tried really hard to like the Supernait, and it’s a great amp for the price, but somehow it has never quite engaged me in the way that Naim separates can. (Queue howls of protest from Supernait owners of course, but that is my own experience!)

Obviously you need plenty of space on your rack for those extra boxes to perform as they should, but I’m guessing you know all that.


Whatever Naim owners have they tend to advocate that. So if I had a Supernait and I would tell everyone else to get one.

I am a separates man. And have a mix of olive, CB and black.

So I often suggest that someone gets an 82 or CB250 to save money.

It’s personal recommendations based on what we have. And if you really like what you have you’ll recommend it.

I have a small room with a Nait 3 for my son and it sounds pretty good. But it doesn’t even come close to main separates system.

A good separates system will be in a different league to a Supernait. But that’s what you pay for with the extra shelving, cabling and so on increasing the overall costs. It’s not just the black boxes you are paying for but everything else.


Adding a 282 and using the SN2 as the power amp was a massive upgrade over just the Hicap + SN2 for me. Adding the 250 later was less of a step up, and not without issues - was very dull until I replaced the power block. Overall - more boxes, greater care in setting up, some hum from the 250, much better sound, smaller bank balance.


Supernait 2 to 282/hicap dr/250dr is a really big lift in performance - and so it should be. That’s the upgrade I did and it was a ‘wow’ moment for me when I first demoed. How better? In every way - pace, authority, punch, transparency, detail. I had previously tried a hicap dr on the supernait 2 and again when I did the 282/250dr demo - personally, I didn’t think it added a great deal to the party - a little, but fiddly stuff rather than an upgrade.


Thank you, so far, for everyone’s insight and experiences. It really helps me feel confident overall in going this route. I always knew I’d end-up back in separates, and this combo (or the 252/SCDR) has always been my sought-after pre and amplifier.

Rack space isn’t an issue at all, as my IsoBlue has six shelves and a base. Cables don’t concern me, either. I really just want to get a good gauge on what I can expect from moving on from the SN2. It is among my top three Integrateds ever, so selling it off will be bittersweet, but if the 282/252-DR is really that drastic of an uplift all around, then I think I’ll get over its departure.


Yes the soundstage is much better with 282 vs SN2. You’ll wonder why you waited so long to upgrade.


@seakayaker made this move and is very happy and has a sweet life :sunglasses:


I added a NAC 282 to my SN 2 last June and it was a huge upgrade. My ears, system, my room. I was running a XPS DR > NDX 2 > HiCapDR > SN2 > NAC A5 > ProAc D30RS. Shortly after adding the 282 a used 250 DR appeared at my dealers and I traded in the SN2. My current system is located in my profile.

For me it was worth the expense and consider the improvement ‘Huge!’

Hopefully you have a dealer that can let you demo prior to buying.

If you type in ‘SN 2 to 282 250 DR’ into the search there are 50+ hits that appear. A subject that has been discussed on the forum previously and worth the time to give a read.


Go for it. SN very good but Nac 282- Nap 250- Hicap is a big improvement .


for me, too!
not the same was adding later a NAP 250DR, except for a better control of the low frequencies, mainly.


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I’ve not heard the SN2 but went from XS2 - SN3 - 282 (later adding 250DR).

I did not expect the difference the 282 made. It was a wow moment (scuse the cliché, but it was).

But hear it for yourself…some prefer otherwise.