ISO Acoustics on Kudos

I’m wondering what the thoughts are on fitting IsoAcoustics Gaia isolation pucks on Kudos speakers? Anyone here done it? Is it worth the outlay over and above the excellent Track Audio spikes and shoes?

Hi mate… if they do for the Kudos what they did for my Monitor audios… then go for it.
Highly recommended.
Ps…the nd5xs2 is settling in nicely here!

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As above, I’ve had them on two sets of speakers, including my Gold Note A6, and they’ve worked really well for me

Definitely try before you buy.
The Track Audio feet are very good and not everyone has had success with the Gaia feet on Kudos speakers.

Best, BF


Good advice I think.

The Gaia feet didn’t work as well as these on my 505’s but these Track ones did

Actually, I tried Gaias on my Kudos C20 and, alltgough there were more details and a wider sound space, it litteraly killed all the sensuality of music, cutting upper and mis bass.
I removed them and now everything is fine again!

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