IsoAcoustics GAIA and OREA Isolation

Does anyone have experience with either or both of these products? Thanks in advance.

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I use Gaia feet under my Isobariks. I found they gave improved clarity. Bass was better defined too. Can’t really recall all of the exact impressions at the time but they stayed on so I must have been happy when I put them on. No burn in time malarkey either which is nice.


Thanks, very helpful.

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I have a set of Gaia III on order. I will be installing them under my Torem Tribe Towers. I will report back with my impressions.

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I have them under all the speakers and electronics, in their corresponding Gaia and/or Orea version. They really work; one of the best upgrades in terms of SQ/price.

Agree with @marksnaim they do make a difference with the bass, stops the booom and cleans it up. Not cheap at all, however the speaker is a little unstable, and I may have to buy carpet spike plates for them. @Gromit1 enjoy

I use finite elemente cerabases and have heard the same effect as you.
It’s a must! Isolation of speakers from the floor is very appreciable.

My floor is concrete with carpet over it. I’m thinking isolation is not required, thoughts?

My speakers (Audio Physics Temp Plus) come with floor spikes attached to small outriggers. Are the GAIAs less stable than spikes? Thanks.

I have the Gaia II under my Dynaudio Contour loudspeakers and it was a nice upgrade in terms of mid band clarity and bass definition. They are not cheap but for me it was really worth the outlay.

Mine are on carpet hence movement. Spikes would help I guess

I found the Gaia III very effective with my Focal 1008IIs. Having moved to SBLs I have used them under my EAR868 or Townshend Allegri pre-amp and Klimax DS and liked what they have done there as well.

I have recently fitted the Gaia’s to my Spendor A4’s, nice improvement, I had them on trial so no need to commit, it was an easy decision, going to add a set to my PMC Twenty5 23’s this weekend. Are they less stable than spikes, yes and no, the Gaia’s have a wider footprint but they wobble/sway, I would say about equal.

I use Gaia II under my Focal Kanta 2 loudspeakers. Very good upgrade providing tighter bass. Also the separation between instruments bettered. I would recommend them; they are worth the investment


You can try some metal or aluminum slabs. It works very often on carpet floors.


So long as you spike through the carpet and underlay - cut a slit with a Stanley knife - and the bottom of the speakers are clear of the carpet, and they are absolutely stable, you’ll be fine. Don’t succumb to the latest Forum flavour of the month.

Using Gaias under my ProAc D30 RS floorstsnders. On an wooden suspended floor that have tightened up bass considerably but also improved imaging and dynamics. A great upgrade in my room with my system, thoroughly recommended.


Works brilliantly for us with a carpet on concrete floor.

The search function looking for Isoacoustics Gaia will reveal many threads on this, plus the virtues of Townshend podiums, Cerabases, Stillpoints products and more.

Best regards, BF

So the Gaia’s didn’t sound good on your speakers then HH ?