Isolation of HiFi components from vibration

However some music just sounds better or ‘right’ played loud (of at “realistic” levels), nothing to do with revealing information!

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Could there be an analogy of a hifi system with a rock guitarist ?
Certainly playing an electric guitar in close proximity to a very loud amp and speakers, a symbiotic situation happens where the guitar is influenced by a lot of air moving about and the amp is picking this through.
In some respects this is a wrong situation to be in, yet this can be when the “magic” happens.
Could there be a similarity with “wrong” vibrations, nodes and other artefacts that could create some hifi magic ?

Peter Walker of QUAD once said that each piece of music is meant to be played at a specific volume level. I believe he was right.


Peter Walker might have been right - and for classical may very well have been, as there are limits as to interpreting a composer’s score. But unfortunately with most listeners not being classical musicians playing in an orchestra (or rock musicians in a band, etc), and with no recommended listening level in decibels stated on the recording, each of us can only guess (or go by ‘feel’) - and I imagine there are many interpretations of what sound level is right…

In the past, to test my system I used to crank up the volume until I heard a problem. I don’t do that anymore and I just try to be happy :blush:

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I agree with your post. It’s all about living with compromises as we pick the most appropriate solution to optimise the sound of our systems.

I do acknowledge the importance of room treatment and the huge impact it may bring to the system. When I had a dedicated hifi/home theater room about 17 years ago, it was treated with commercial room treatment products. Today, everything has changed. Moved house, different amps and speakers, different room. The system is currently in the living room, and commercial room treatment products have no place in the current space. Room furnishing works rather well although they may not be a direct substitute to commercial treatment products.

I use isolation devices below all my equipment (except Hicap DR and Napsc) , the rack, subwoofer and loudspeakers in my main system. I also use costly cables in my systems (I have actually overspent on cabling). All these tweaks elevated the system to a higher level of performance. Someday, I would like to try the costlier / more effective isolators from the likes of Townshend.

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Bonjour…merci beaucoup Monsieur, I’m intrigued with both, especially the HRS.


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I listened to some systems with professional acoustic treatments of the room. Can’t say if the measurements gave a flat response, but my emotional engagement was nearly flat.
Too damped rooms represent for some a certain kind of audio perfection, as the strict neutrality of some electronics and speakers. I understand that. But for me some life and spontaneity is removed.


What is your system?

I couldn’t see it in your profile.

Hi JimDog,

See the system below. I’m waiting on two NAP 500s to replace the existing 300s they been on order for a looooooooooooooooong time! (that’s been discussed on another thread!) Taken roughly 30 years to get it to this final point (I hope :thinking: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)


Wow - that’s almost as good as my rig. :grinning:

Defo worth optimising with a high quality vibration isolation system.

Hi in relation to preventing ground based vibration entering hifi components, I wonder whyNaim fit suspension systems to their top end gear, I know why in an attempt to eliminate vibration, I think the suspension fitted to the 552 preamp is one of its major reason for being a great preamp.

I could be totally wrong, then why would Naim keep fitting something that doesn’t work according to some.

Hi Steven,

I can’t see any posts here that say Naim suspension doesn’t work. In my experience the isolation products that I’ve employed have augmented what Naim had built into their componets.

I have a 64K pre amp that definately sounds better sitting on a HRS amp support base - it’s clear as day and night. I’ve always wondered why Naim at their Hi Fi demonstrations haven’t have their gear sitting on third party isolation units when other exotic high value brands do. It’s not a sign of a weak product, it’s about showing your product to its best potential.

The biggest compliment I’ve had from someone about my system was ‘ it doesn’t sound like Naim’ …. they’ve missed the point like so many others, this is the Naim sound; live, exciting, dynamic, real, engaging, immersive.

For me I’m now tweaking the very best from my Naim units, it’s not that they are inadequate I’m enhancing and supporting what they are capable of.


I use vibration isolation shelves designed by Xanthe:

Very nice they are too.


With you on that FR. I’ve seen many clips on youtube of a music analyst who puts very famous songs and artists into pro tools then puts them perfectly in time. The result isn’t as good as the original. They lose their swing and swagger and become less engaging.

Too perfect isn’t necessarily better, have a listen to ‘Keef’ he’s not the best guitar player in the world but he knows how to play a riff and create some of the most memorable spontanious songs ever recorded. :wink:


Xanthe is a legend. I can’t undertand most of what he says but he knows his stuff. We’ve had differing opinions over a few threads. He’s a scientist I’m of the artistic type - say no more !! :upside_down_face:

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Are you the chap with the amazing system in your basement in Camden?

Who likes Motörhead?

Or is that someone else??

I have such happy memories of listening to jazz at Dingwalls on Sundays at Camden Lock in the early 80s.

Spent a lot of time in Camden then.

Near Camden Jim, and yes I have a basement sound proof music room and a I’m a big Motorhead fan. Camden is great I can go down any night and find live music - which is why I’m such a Naim fan no other kit I’ve heard comes close to sounding like a live gig. So it might be me :shushing_face: :wink:


If you’re in London you’d be welcome to visit … same as any other forum members but I don’t know how you could get in touch. Said this before … the offer is there :+1: @Richard.Dane


Squinting to try to read the image, if I’m reading correctly and not missing anything, one thing that appears rather outclassed, to put it mildly, is the ND5XS. It’s not a bad player for the money, but…