It's Premium Bond day tomorrow. I'm going to win

According to Moneysavingexpert Premium Bond Calculator, I’m going to win… absolutely nothing.

Good luck everybody.


I won £175 a few years ago………then last year was my worst at £25. There are people who say that you should keep buying and selling which may be correct to get the most……but is not logical based on random computer?

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They’ve never been that great and I’ve got far fewer than 7-8 years ago.

Historic low interest rates have I think stifled the fun when the odds of winning decreased significantly.

That said, they offer a ‘bit of fun’ with the chance to win the occasional small prize, but you’re quite unlikely to get a big one even with a large holding.

I think it’d be interesting if they brought out some kind of hybrid product with a low yet guaranteed growth and still a chance to win something. Maybe that would cause tax issues.

Yes, it’s completely random.

When you buy you have to wait one calendar month before your bonds are entered into the draw so buying and selling regularly reduces your chance of winning.

We’ve been doing quite well recently with small prizes. Between us we had £600 last year. We’re hoping for a better year this year now the prizes have been increased.


I redistributed some of the kids bonds in early December - quite easy to do online and I was assured by ‘HQ’ interestingly that this bought new bonds immediately and because the money has been with HMRC effectively without a break that they’d be eligible for January’s draw - unless there’s a win from ‘new numbers’ I won’t know for certain.


I have been reassured for years that PBs are a good investment etc. No matter how many I’ve held - from £36 to £14,000 - my ROI has never exceeded £50 in any given year.

I shall stick to my workplace lottery for FOMO. Used to do it individually but after many wins which were equivalent to a nice coffee from a decent indie I quit after a 5 figure win on the basis lightning rarely strikes twice so that was as good as it was going to get.

Not a penny of that win went on hi-fi either.

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My best month in 2022 was £550, which was also my best win in 70 years.


Oh well, SFA again.

Hope the rest of you have better luck.

When I first read the title of this thread, I thought it was about a deluxe version of 007.

And now I’ll get my coat because I’ve obviously been away from Britain for too long :grinning:


About 25 years ago I won £500 - with a holding of just two £1 PBs bought for me by my parents when I was a baby! That was a good return! But sadly not the jackpot - and those have been the only wins to date on those two bonds.
From Dec 21 to Nov 22 I had the max holding, and won something over £700 total (£25s, £50s and once £100), but I’ve substantially reduced my holding now that savings interest rates have gone up a bit elsewhere.

For all of us non UK residents what is Premium Bond day?

A form of national savings, but essentially premium bonds are a method of government borrowing from private individuals. Any U.K. resident can buy a maximum of £50,000 of premium bonds, and each month every bond is entered into a random draw to win prizes from £25 to £1m. Essentially a lottery, but you can cash in your chips at any time and get your original stake back. Obviously the downside is that inflation erodes the value of your original investment over time.

Think we have government bonds but we certainly don’t have a bonds day and there’s definitely not lottery. You blokes are just plain weird. :rofl::rofl::rofl:


You are probably right! It’s basically a bit of a flutter but you can get your money back anytime. If you buy one premium bond the chances are you will never win anything (24,000 to one against). But if you have enough I think the average rate of return is c.3%. “Premium bond day” is not an actual thing. The OP is simply referring to the date of the monthly draw.

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Going off the title I thought it was some kind of annual event.

My wife loves them. Mind you she is half Irish. All I will say is that her Irish mother is forever buying lottery tickets. I think gambling is in the DNA.

I’m scared to ask which half.

It’s her left side. Although it depends whether she has her back to you or not.

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That’s confusing I’m dyslexic :rofl::rofl:

We were in Dublin once and asked a cop for directions and he pointed left but said right, I had no idea. What made even worse was the street he sent us down was one way (the wrong way).

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£50 this month. Poor start to the year!