It's taken 20 years, but I have finally arrived

Today I collected my final speakers Kudos Titan T505 with the new Kudos cable KS1

The last 20 years has been a journey that’s for sure and now my search is complete, certainly my 252/300DR is going no where, I will get my Supercap DR at some point and Keel on my LP12

But even after two hours the T505 are just on song, texture of music and focus, my B&W 805 were, no still are lovely, off to my sons system

There just seems to be a musical sinergy between Naim, Linn and Kuods

What ever is your journey enjoy the music


Congrats, enjoy!

Very nice!

Let us know how the 505s’ SQ develops.

That reminds me, @LindsayM, have you got your 505s yet, and if so, how is it going?

Looking nice.

they were used owned by my dealer but not used for a month or so already run in, just need to finalise position tomorrow when they have warmed up

but everything I had hoped stunning speakers

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Very nice speakers and system. My system has some overlaps with yours and I am thinking of having some work on my Linn that would bring it up to what you have now. The Karousel is clearly a no brainer on the basis of universal acclaim, although I haven’t yet heard it. I was also thinking of going from Ekos 2 to SE plus Kore although I know the correct route is via Keel. So I was wondering about your experience with Kore and Ekos SE. (I am also using a D-V cartridge but the 20X). The other question I had was about the Shawline interconnect - I have been using the Naim lavender RCA to DIN but I think a modest upgrade would be possible - did you try anything apart from the Shawline? Finally is your LP12 maintained by Cymbiosis? - that could be another point of overlap.

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Happy days, I haven’t heard the Titans but something tells me they sound as good as they look and might even sound how they look.

I recently sold my 22 year old 805s, who had been with a mate for a decade, wish everything held their value like they did, only lost £200 on what I bought them new for.

Got the Titans on the list for the next upgrade on the speaker front, might actually find something that fundamentally betters what the Gurus do so well. I have started the process, I’ve cabled with KS1 in both systems recently, really positive results.

Enjoy the new speakers!


yes @Cymbiosis have been my chosen dealer for 20 years, I now think of them as friends who give me invoices!!

LP12 - yes the kore and Ekos SE work well together, pre arm was Ittock VII, i was going for a TP Javelin, but that did not get far and then Peter had demo Ekos SE, stunning arm and had the pleasure of seeing it being made at Linn, again end of up grade arm, as you know Peter can demo kore vs Keel so that is next, some time next year or new Tangerine Phoenix

Peter recomended Chord shawline, perfect partner for Urika in to Radikal

hope we can meet @Cymbiosis when we can, Karsouel is a No branier to be honest


Thanks for your comments - looks like I should follow your example!

Beautiful system and lovely colour on the 505s too. Congratulations Ant - good things come to those who wait. I’m sure the 20 year journey has provided many many smiles along the way but those smiles are now turning to a grin.

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Very nice, enjoy! Is that the Tineo finish? I’ve just ordered the 808’s in that finish from the 707’s.

yes looks superb

Congratulation! I own the 606, all Titan serie is amazing. Enjoy your new loudspeakers, they’ll improve for sure in 6 weeks :grinning:

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It’s very personal I know but I think your standmounts look handsome. Congrats on what I hope will be a fine set of speakers for you.


Congrats @Antz .
If envy killed… I would drop dead

It’s taken me 30 years, but I think I’m at my endgame system. Relaxing and enjoying the music. Trying not to visit the forum too often, upgraditis is very contagious🙂

…congratulations! They are a beautiful looking pair of speakers and do hope to get to listen to a pair some day.

I look forward to reading your comments as time passes…


Nice one, lots of fun and enjoyment to come.

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I remember when you first told me you wanted these, and now you have them. Made up for you @Antz. These are gonna rock your listening room/world! Fantastic!

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Soon @NigelB very soon :sunglasses: