IXO info

I’ve been given a IXO,
Yippee I thought go active on the SBLs
Borrow my brothers 180 good to go,
But No, apparently after reading threads on here I need special din connects, because of the amps,
what is the difference on these leads compared to the standard 4pin grey,
Where can I get some,
I have trolled internet but can’t find any,
Many thanks

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Believe its a stability problem. The Active DIN leads are recommended. Ask your Naim dealer…?

Sure that @Richard.Dane can/will explain.

Don’t have a naim dealer,
All my info has come from you lovely lot of geeks,
And I say that with upmost respect

The SNAXO certainly needs the special 4pin Din-4pin DIN active leads when running with the smaller Amps, as the regular SNAICs are a little bit too capacitive and can lead to instability. The Active leads use the same cable as the DIN-XLRs used on the bigger amps.

As for the IXO, IIRC I think you can use SNAICs here. BY the way, if your SNAICs are grey then moving to the later black ones is a worthwhile upgrade.


Indeed. Active Leads was a necessity with my Ovators (snaxo BMR / nap 200), but regular snaics worked fine with ixo/nap200 into sbls.

I am fairly confident than any Naim dealer would help you with this.

Then… you will have a Naim Dealer.

Naim Dealers Are Not Scary… :astonished:

No dealers are scary, they want your money, :rofl:

Thanks for info,
Now opened another can worms,
All my kit is latching pin,
snaic 5 grey CBHC-42.5
And a van dam cable CBHC-160
Can I do better?
As Black cable inter connects does not come with latching pins,
My question is this,
What is the best cable to use for the inter connections?
As I am able to make up my own leads
Many thanks

Where signals and DC power travel down the same lead, only ever use proper Naim SNAICs (see FAQ above, and note that discussion of fake “SNAICs” is prohibited on here). You can use the later black ones on early Deltron socketed kit, just wind back the locking collars and the DINs fit nicely. Only slight issue to be aware of is that they obviously won’t latch.

As for normal interconnects, you can use whatever you like best, although the Naim lavender/grey or Chord Chrysalis are tough to beat here.

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Sorry about that,
I’ll stick with the grey then,
Tried it with the twist lock,
Did not like how easy it can pop out,
Would naim or an authorised naim,
Be able to make me up Snaic 5 with latching pins?
Thanks for your time,

Possibly, if they still have the Deltron latching plugs in stock, although I think the preferred course of action is to have the socketry updated on the pre-amp and power amp at time of service - should sound better too.

Yeah thought about that too,
All my kit has been serviced in the last couple of years, hope it’s many years before that comes around,
I’ve got a few mordern snaic’s lying around,
Cable swapping this afternoon,
Thanks for your time,

You can still buy Deltron latching DIN plugs from the likes of Farnell, so I guess Naim could make up a lead for you, or maybe Class A would do it?

Got a bag of deltron latching pins
Naim won’t do it,
Not worth there time apparently according to Duncan,
Going to use the black snaics I just don’t like the idea of them being loose.
But apparently you get a better contact,
We will see,
Other than that it’s snips and a soldering time,