Jazz Music Thread

Recorded 1968 at Hans-Georg Brunner-Schwer‘s studio in the Black Forest.

One of the few albums where Evans plays with DeJohnette, who later joined Jarrett’s “Standards” trio.


Recommend by Flophouse and the estimable London Jazz Record Collector I have to agree.

Leo, Gloria Coleman,organ, Kenny Burrell and Frankie Dunlop.

Deeply soulful and happy music.

Unlike LJRC no tactile fondling of the record sleeve just dear old Qobuz.

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My absolute nr 1: Snorre Kirk !! It doesn’t get better for me
What a stunning album


Lovely recreation of my favourite period.
The tenor player has quite an extensive catalogue as well.

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On the sofa today recovering from the horrors of novovirus.
Thelonious is with me as he is immune.

Two very fine but in many ways quite different nights.

Although I can’t find it on Qobuz it club must be there( Roon will find it) so a quick take Monk on fire with that right leg stomping and Ben Riley fanning the blaze.

I recently purchased the cds for headphone listening.


It’s there. :+1:

With a very good AllMusic review.

Novovirius is nasty. Get well soon.



Well Monk got fed up and danced out the front door but let in his mate Bud Powell.

A recording arranged in Paris by Cannonball Adderley

Bud seems content and happy. Like Prez don’t believe they were at their musical terminus. Through all their troubles they still out perform many of todays stars. Just slower,more considered.Reflective of hard lives.

Real monster of the session is Don Byas. I know he didn’t truly want the jazz mans’ life but when given the opportunity…whooosh.

Discovered deep in the Qobuz mine.

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Happy Birthday Miles, would have been 97.

Fave track? Too much choice but I always enjoy In A Silent Way.


In a Silent Way was last nights Bedtime tunes for us. I always enjoy this one at bedtime😊


Enjoying this


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Do you agree with them, Dave? :disguised_face:




Vi Redd - All The Things You Are

Taken from Bird Call her 1962 Charlie Parker tribute record on the United Artists Jazz label that featured Leroy Vinegar, Herb Ellis, Russ Freeman and a young Roy Ayers.

The John Young Trio - A Touch of Pepper on Argo Records recorded in Chicago 1962.

A soulful piano led trio with Sam Kidd on bass and Phil Thomas on drums.

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Morris Nanton - Soul Fingers more soulful Jazz piano released in 1967 on Prestige

I’ve listened to the Barry Harris Quintet record Newer Than New from 1961 but had never heard Bulls Eye so thank you for the post I will check it out later.

Thanks for the heads up I’ll do a swap with you on that one. :+1:t2:

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