Jazz Music Thread

This one from the new Acoustic Sounds Pablo Series is fantastic, not only Peterson on Piano, but some genius Horn players in a fantastic line-up

Pressing and SQ are extraordinary


Unusual Duke tribute. Vibes and guitar (Marc Ribot).

Vol 8 of Ellington in Order now out.

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A jazzfan posted this on Instagram …. I tried it and it is absolute wonderful. Masaru Imada Trio …… brilliant jazz, brilliantly recorded and sounding fantastic. Try it


Art Tatum, Jewels in the Treasure Box, just released.

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Birthday treat to myself…wonderful record…Glad purchased it.

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I just discovered Joachim Kühn and his amazing trio with Daniel Humair and Jean-Francois Jenny-Clark.

I like them so much I started a thread on it, in case anyone is interested:

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That is a great album.

Similar to this very good live album from 1975.


…not to mention this lovely Montreaux gig of Toots Thielmans jamming with Pretty Purdie and Diz.

But, @krautnaimie, may I ask if that’s the Alternate Blues, what was the name of the original album on Pablo Records that it’s an alternative to?

The notes to the following album mention Pablo Records and Norman Grantz…but it’s a different track list.

Referring to discogs, the Original Album is from 1982 and was also called “The Alternate Blues”
The lineup here is extraordinarily good
The SQ is fantastic, the guys from Acoustic Sounds did a real good job, regarding all the crazy prices for average records I would this call a bargain

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Classy piano, good tunes.

Louis in London, previously unreleased

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I wonder what the critic, Yanow, means by “unissued material from the session”, when the track lists are the same?

That’s a mystery to me, but the music on this album is a delight. :slightly_smiling_face::musical_note::+1::rooster::dragon_face::boom:

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I don´t know and I just don´t care :wink:

BTW here is another one of this series that is abolutely fantastic


Thanks - this is on my list for play very soon.

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Swinging Macedonia, Dusko Goykovich.

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