Joint Stereo Playback Issue - Solved

Just noticed that some of the audiobooks that I’ve converted won’t play in the Naim App, looks like I’ve set the conversion program to be joint stereo rather than stereo.

It’s not something that I’ve really noticed before as I tend to listen to them on my iPhone when out walking or in the car.

The player just sits like this:-


It appears in iTunes:-


I can fudge it in Asset by creating a seperate instance that just lists audiobooks and converting mp3 to mp3


@Will Should Joint Stereo be supported, is this a bug ?

Hi @NogBadTheBad,

I’ve tested playback of a joint stereo file here and found it to play as expected. I used a Mu-so 2 and a previous generation Mu-so Qb.

I will send you a private message and we can investigate further.

Kind regards,

Will looked into it and its an issue with the V1 Mu-so.

Perhaps I should know this, but what is ‘joint stereo’, and how does it different from what I am used to after all these years?

I’d not come across it, till I noticed the issue.

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