Just bought a SN3

Just taken a SN3, the deal involved a swap including my Hegel H390. So far, so happy with the change, compared to the Hegel the SN3 is a richer, more organic and musical amplifier. My PMC Twenty5 22i’s are much happier.

The Hegel was a competent amp but left me indifferent and underwhelmed.

Tell me how to optimise the SN3 in the coming months!


You can add an independent power supply - Flatcap, Hicap or Supercap, which would be very worthwhile to upgrade the SN3’s performance.

I suspect that, in context, the Supercap would be wasted, unless you intend to move up the chain to a separate control and power amp, which would then benefit from the heft that the Supercap brings to the control amp.

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If you mean upgrade it already. Then I would suggest the Naim powerline instead of the the power cable that comes with the amp and after that ad a Hicap dr and then a powerline for the hicap. :blush:


I think that Lucifer and I are saying essentially the same thing!


After hearing a few Hegel amps, I was sort of confused why these amps got rave reviews.
Seldom had I been listening to music replayed with such lifeless, boring, un-engaged performance - these words came to mind.
Each to their own.

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HiCap DR…and Naim Power Line cables.


Hegel sound like old school Solid State.

Is the Powerline THE go-to or are Audioquest and others worth a punt with Naim?

The SN3 sounds big and likes good power so it deserves e.g. a PL (but depends what you have at present, it might be more than good enough?)

I had mine with the HCDR (small improvement in dynamics) and then the SCDR - and to me the latter made it sound quite special.

Importantly, it sounds very good without any of that!


The SN3 is great just as it is. You may or may not prefer it with a Hicap DR, as not everyone does. Depending on what your source is, you are probably best spending the money there.


It’s an Innuos streamer into a Hegel DAC…lovely front end.

A full fat Powerline , it’s what I use on my Naim amplifier , every other Naim source I use a Chord Shawline power cord

There are plenty of used Hicap DRs, so I would buy one and also a Shawline Power Chord mains cable, then you’re pretty much home and can focus on other things IMO.

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Certainly there are others that are better.

@opus Meaning?

I use all Shunyata Research cables. AudioQuest are good. As are WireWorld and Chord.

Separate mains first call.

I’ve long learned that things are exactly how they look. This has proved true for me 98% of the times, from book covers, LP sleeves, HiFi. Hegel amps look like exorcists.

Thanks. I wasn’t aware that Hegel made a DAC and couldn’t find it on their website.

Before thinking of adding boxes, I would install dedicated mains and get a good stand to put the boxes on. Maybe you have these already.

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Agree, this post doesn’t make the best of sense. The Hegel H390 has a Dac and streaming board fitted.
Comes at nearly the £6k mark.
Either the OP has made a typo mistake on the integrated.
Perhaps a model that’s discontinued.