Just moved SN3 now display keeps flashing on / off

I typically run my SN3 with the green LEDs off.

I’ve just moved split my rack into two and now whenever I’m listening to music (with the display off) it keeps flashing the display LEDs on then they go off again.

Sat here watching it now and no consistency in the frequency from what I can see.

What on earth have I done !!!

Try a reset of the amp; “how to” in this link. After that, power off, reconnect speakers, power on.

Agreed. I’d try to reset first. My volume knob does this sometimes (flashing) when I think I have “Stream” selected but realize I have “AV” selected.

Flashing input buttons usually indicates that the input sockets are not assigned properly.

I would disconnect the speakers and perform a reset of the Supernait back to default. Then go from there to reassign as necessary.

Just tried the “power off, hold mute, power on” and still have the same issue. Should anything flash to tell me the reset has taking place ?

Note: This is only happening since I’ve turned “AV bypass = ON” and connected L+R RCA’s from my AVR to my SN3 (although it was working fine yesterday afternoon).

What happens if you leave the AV bypass ON, but disconnect the cable from the AVR to the SN3 ? Does the random flashing stop ?


Good thinking James. It could be AV kit floating at half mains potential finding a nice way to earth via the Supernait and causing issues along the way.

Try with the AV kit disconnected.


Looks like some toggling of the “AV Bypass” switch has fixed it, am guessing the unit got its knickers in a twist when I powered it down for the move.

Appreciate everyone’s advice :+1:


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