Keeping equipment constantly switched on

It’s just been announced that energy costs will increase by 54% from April. Obviously it affects us all but from my point of view six months ago I was paying 11p per kWh until my supplier went bust, now I’m paying 21p and soon it looks like it’ll be 30p plus.
Advice from suppliers suggest not leaving any equipment on standby because it costs more than you think - one site says between 9 to 16% of electricity consumed in homes is used to power appliances on standby. That seems a bit much to me but seeing how my annual electricity bill has gone from £1300 per year to £4000 per year I was wondering how much it costs to keep our HiFi on constantly. I have just three components 272, 250DR and Unitiserve and I know many of you have much more.
Can it be quantified by product and if so is there a hierarchy of which is best left on all the time and which can be switched on as and when required?

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Already a discussion on this topic that has the answers you’re looking for I think.
Check out. Naim power consumption cost

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