Keith Flint died

He was young!

:small_blue_diamond: Count.d,…Who was he,…never heard of him.


Blimey. He was only 49. RIP Keith Flint.

What a shame, a true “one off” who had been due to start another tour shortly.

RIP, Keith, and thanks for all the choons, mate.

2019’s not off to a good start.

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Lovely tribute just paid by Matt Everett on 6 Music.
That band in the sky just gained a truly unique new recruit.

:small_blue_diamond: OK,…The Prodigy,…Then I know,but have passed under my “radar” here in Sweden.

:dove: RIP Keith Flint.


Yeah good spot - Monday’s not off to a good start either !

Very sad and only 49. RIP Keith

Let’s all hope we can avoid having to start such threads for a while. It’s been all too common lately.



Those who knew him have said he was very different to his stage persona, being shy and introverted. Many who have had a public identity at odds with who they really are have come to a sad end.
Myself when being a young teenager going to see bands like Napalm Death, Extreme Noise Terror and other underground grindcore punk bands and then going to early raves where The Prodigy had a strong playlist from the DJs and live P.Aing - I could see their ability to shock and awe, but I wasn’t completely convinced. I wouldn’t say he was particularly talented, taking off a strained Johnny Rotten at best. The real talent comes from Liam Howlett the knob twiddler. But still very sad.

The Sun suggests suicide following a split from his Japanese wife.

Possibly better not to comment when someone has just died, you’ve never heard their music before and don’t happen to like it?

I think there’s possibly a bit of shock that yet another artist has died at a fairly young age.


Music a million miles from my usual playlist but obviously a great frontman and the ‘Firestarter’ video is surely iconic. I seem to recall various people calling for it to be banned at the time; which is always a good sign. I like the fact it all seemed just a bit tongue in cheek, and also in a couple of interviews I have seen with Flint out of his stage persona he seemed mild voiced and rather shy.


Yes Alley Cat, you are right. I should not have posted that. It’s just that i didn’t know him and went on some youtube videos to inform myself. It was so far away of my tastes…



Your quote saying you will not miss him, disrespectful, why comment on the sad passing of a great musician, I’m sure his friends and family will miss him.



i will remove my post, it will be better than explain. In French language, i would wrote more diplomatically.

I don’t think for one minute you meant to be disrespectful to the deceased, simply not your style. The music may have had the desired love it/hate it effect on you resulting in a reactionary response without thinking.

If you want to see something quite controversial watch the ‘Smack My B**** Up’ video which shows many of our cultural excesses and has quite a surprising conclusion - not family friendly.

I don’t know the group’s output that well, and to be honest always found Mr Flint’s on stage persona a bit scary, but by all accounts he was completely different off stage, which is odd as I thoroughly enjoy Marilyn Manson for example, and he’s a very clever chap.

Interesting read here French Rooster about the man rather than the on stage persona:

…for example:

Pop star James Blunt even shared a story of Flint’s kindness and generosity after a bruising night out.

"At the Q Awards years ago, when Noel Gallagher was saying he was leaving Ibiza because I’d moved there, and Damon Albarn refused to be in the same picture as me… Keith Flint came over, gave me a hug, and said how thrilled he was for my success,"

I just wanted to say that it’s definitely not my style of music. But i should not have posted it… so apologize please