Kiss. Really?

Am I missing something here?

"The hard rock band Kiss has sold its back catalogue of songs to a Swedish music investor for a figure thought to be upwards of $300m (£237m).

Stockholm-based Pophouse Entertainment also bought the group’s brand, likeness and intellectual property." BBC.

Ki$$ :slight_smile:



I would guess that Ace and Gene have finally decided to wash off the makeup and hang up the capes once and for all.
Not before time in my opinion if that’s the case.
Saw them in the ‘80’s and they were an amazing live show, don’t think amazing is a word that could be used to describe a Kiss performance this Century…:wink:YMMV


My understandings around these sales, noting how many elderly artistes have gone down this route, are:

1- resolves potential personal estate issues (splits thereof), and also those of support artistes/performers.
2- within (1), avoids bunfights about estates, as has happened with MJ’s(?)
3- perhaps has a benefit under US tax?
4- there’s a strong market for these rights, albeit the issues at Hipgnosis Songs and rising interest rates (increasing funding costs), have dampened things a tad.

I always thought that Kiss were complete rubbish, but I rather warmed to Gene Simmons when he fronted a TV series called Rock School at my old school. Of course, the pupils were far more interesting than the ‘star’ but it was great fun and worth seeking out.


My brother is currently advising (in the legal sense) on the sale of the catalogue of a very well-known and successful British rock group. From discussing it with him, it sounds like they’re doing it for several of the reasons @HappyListener mentions, particularly the first two.

[forgive my reluctance to name the band - it’s been rumoured online already - but don’t want to cause my brother any problems, just in case]



HH – remember that well, and there was a prog somewhere (could have been within RS), where Gene showed his mansion and his ‘KISS room’, which was full of branded merchandise. He was obviously very savvy – the scary part is that the KISS deal includes AI rights, so KISS may never die :grin:

I recall around 1990 that Kiss sold their publishing rights to the Nashville company Horipro - this would have included the bulk of their ‘hits’.

Looks like the plan here is to use the Kiss image to do one of these avatar tours as Pophouse are the people behind the recent ABBA tour.

In 2019, Kiss grossed $50m from around 50 shows in the US. Put a virtual worldwide tour together and flog the image merchandise and $300m looks like a good deal.

I think 300 million is more than Dylan got for his catalogue ?


You need to look at what Dylan sold - otherwise it’s all apples and oranges.

Dylan sold his recording rights in one deal and also his publishing rights in another deal. Kiss are essential selling their image.

Oh God, the thought …

:rofl: :rofl:


I must dust off my vinyl collection :sunglasses:

78’s ?

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Safely filed between my Judas Preist and Led Zeppelin :+1:

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Wonder how it works for ‘God Gave Rock and Roll to You’, as it was originally done by Argent. The Kiss version has modified some of the lyrics.

How what works?

Song copyright

Kiss lps are amongst many I have just removed from my collection and will sell. I haven’t listened to them for 30yrs or more. Gene and Paul have often admitted they were rubbish musicians but it was all about entertainment. They did well out of it :sunglasses:

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Despite what Gene claims Russ Ballard wrote the song and on this label it’s copyrighted by Verulam Music Co Ltd.

Gene, Paul & Bob Ezrin added a verse.

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