Kiss. Really?

Yes looking at this I would have expected it to be a $1bn deal.

Let’s leave it that it’s very complicated, often breaking down to Performance Rights, Songwriting Rights, Publishing Rights, Broadcast Rights, and this is way before you get to the rights and entitlements of other artistes who may be involved, especially in things like the Montreux Festivals. Worse, much of this stuff is undocumented, hence why it’s a good idea to get these rights converted to cash while many of the parties concerned are still/maybe still alive, which enables negotiations and settlements to take place in the most expeditious manner.

It can be so complicated & voluminous (vis the sheer content involved), that lawyers sometimes have to adopt a sampling approach and/or ‘have to take a view’, something which they hate doing. Of course, this is the ‘what is being bought’ question, and moreover ‘what level of rights (i.e. income)’ can be evidenced, as this will drive the financial evaluations.

I know of some media production companies which have purchased ‘rights’ on the basis they have hoped (!) to negotiate all rights around the primary rights, to enable them to publish the primary content without getting hit by ancillary claims and accusations of breaching a rights agreement.


Nah. That was Sam Phillips.


Good for them I feel.

There weren’t my cup of tea, many though really loved them.

I do wonder if back catalogues are being overvalued now, will this be the next niche market crash?

Yet another one bites the dust.



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Oh I get it now.

Yeh, it would be a right royal pain for him.





Nope, not King Crimson.

You have two guesses left :grinning:

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If Kiss is worth 300m, the band being mooted on here must be worth very big numbers.

Springsteen’s catalogue sold for $500m. Why would KISS be double that?

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Ability to do ABBA Voyager style shows. Always been a massive live draw, and with cartoonish appearance, would be perfect for avatars. Not sure an avatar of Bruce would be so successful. Full disclosure, I like both artists !

I’m struggling here…


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surely that’s not worth half a billion dollars :roll_eyes:

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Gene Simmons also known as a very astute businessman. So suspect a bit of that is in the equation too. In fairness. None of us know. And as someone said earlier, there are examples of people overpaying.

No - $500m

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Because Kiss are twice as good as Springsteen.


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