Klimax Radikal

I’m reaching the end of my upgrade ladder, a couple of 500’s to DR, maybe adding some T to the super Sarum, Naim Fraim and there we are I can sit back and listen
Which leads me to looking at the Radikal and I’m wondering if there’s anything to be gained with the Klimax Radikal
My understanding is it’s exactly the same inside but connected to the top of the box rather than the bottom and a different case
It would be powered by a Chord Super Sarum mains cable, I have one with the slimline plug


Just do it.


Thanks for your most helpful reply
That’s exactly the insight I needed to discover the difference between the two ??


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There is a noticeable difference in weight and seeming speed stability to be had, even in my relatively modest setup. I would even say that I would do the Klimax upgrade before I worried about any of your DR upgrades (source first!).

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Thanks Mark

Not sure if you know or not,
Does the Klimax Radikal use the same motor, cables etc as the standard

i.e. if I upgraded can I just put the new unit in and sell my old Radikal along with the new motor cables etc without the need to take it to Leicester for instance


Everything is the same except the box holding the power supply. Even the electronics inside the box are identical.

On a visit to @Cymbiosis, I idly inquired about whether there was in fact any worthwhile difference between Akurate and Radikal and, of course, Peter set up the demo, simply swapped the boxes - same cable etc on the LP12 - and waited for my response, which was something along the lines of “better have one of those then…”

Simple demo, huge difference.

:small_blue_diamond:If you have drawn your “audioboard” with the right torque also makes a big difference.
I do not know if Linn has made it between Akurate and Klimax Radikal.

There are many (the most),who do not think of this,…

ThomasOK (Linn-trader),.and Fredrik Lejonklou can tell you more about this at Lejonklou’s forum.

I myself keep on painting a house in the summer heat,.so I’m busy right now :wink:.


My old dealer told me Linn said there is no difference between the two enclosures except for looks but I have not done a demo.

Lyndon, the motors supplied with the Akurate and Klimax Radikals are the same. So in a demonstration it’s quite easy just to swap to power supplies over on the same LP 12 to show the difference which is very obvious!
However anybody upgrading would be well advised to have the motor has supplied with the Klimax power supply fitted Rather than just swapping the box as the motors have the same serial number as the power supply and are supplied by the factory as a set. Consequently the warranty runs for five years from the issuing of that serial number in Glasgow. If you just do a box swap rather than just swapping the box and the motor, the motor has the same serial number as the power supply and are supplied by the factory as a set. Consequently the warranty runs for five years from the issuing of that serial number in Glasgow. If you just do a box Swap then you would end up with less warranty on your motor.
Just to confirm the electronics internally for the two radicals is the same however the circuit board is inverte swap then you would end up with less warranty on your motor.
Just to confirm what has been said earlier in this thread, the electronics internally for the two radikals is the same however the circuit board is mounted differently as anyone can see if they have both Radikals rear panels side-by-side.
The sonic differences have to be attributed to the far more substantial machine from solid aluminium case for the Klimax and the mechanical and electrical isolation this case provides as compare to the folded aluminium case work of the Akurate. KR. Peter


Wondering if the Klimax Radikal has the same bright blue light
Due to new boxes arriving I’ve re-arranged everything and now the Radikal is straight opposite, thinking of opening my own lighthouse in East London,
How much of the Radikal’s power supply goes to the light !!


Sadly, it does Lyndon, though it’s a different shape and is not a ‘jewel’ type of light. It’s a crescent shape and is possibly less piercing (from memory) than the Akurate. However, the light shines downward, illuminating the shelf the unit sits on below and in front of the box. Not as prominent perhaps, but still plenty of blue ‘wash’ to be seen…

On a Klimax Radikal I would say the blue light is of similar brightness to that of the green Naim logo light.

The Klimax is £2,100 more. For this, you could add a Powerline to the Akurate, then compare and you’re still £1,500 in credit for something else. It’s all about the money.

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I did that comparison, having already had an Akurate and Powerline, and found that the Klimax was still worth the extra.

If an Akurate is where you’re going to stop and it’s a bloody good place to stop, then the addition of a Powerline is a really nice future upgrade. If you’re seeking the absolute best from your LP12, then you’ve got to listen to a Klimax. This of course then leads to a Sarum T mains lead, which is available with a Klimax-compatible IEC… or, dare I say it, Music.


Count D / Dave

I use Super Sarum mains leads on everything
And I have one with the slimline plug that a Klimax Radikal would need


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Done deal :wink:

Hi Lyndon
I have heared from various reliable sides that the climax Radical is superior to the Accurate Radical but never had a chance to do this comparison by myself. Peter Swain just recently posted on that issue in the naim FB group. Apparently the Klimax radical due to aluminum casing has an overal better performance. But, it seems its not just swapping the box but may also require to exchange the motor as well even though the motors are indentical. What I asked myself in that respect is whether the difference is general or mainly for users with the urica. From what I see is you are using a non naim non linn phonostage. I have a SL/SCDR so my accurate Radical “only” powers the motor. There is another interesting finding I have just learned from Pete ris that erasing the “memory” of the radical that accumulates over time does improve the performance quite substantially. Did it here it realy does, just dont ask me how and why…
Many greetings
How is your amplification coming along 3x500s and all DRed yet?


I believe the reasoning for changing the motor etc is for the warranty
Yes, it’s a non Linn phonostage, I wanted an upgrade from the Superline and using the source first principle, the phonostage should have priority over the preamp
Presently I have only one of the 500’s DRd, I plan to do one this summer and the last one at Xmas
How do you erase the memory of a power supply, does the Radikal have a memory and if so what does it remember ??



I have very recently done comparisons of Lingo 3, 4 and Akurate vs Klimax Radikals. It’s all on a seperate thread that I started.
I can confirm that I was initially sceptical but found without doubt that the Klimax PSU does sound better than the Akurate. I spent many hours trying to convince myself that I was deluded!
Difficult to believe, as the electronics are identical, and I was not using the PSU’s with a Linn Phono stage, they were powering the motor only.
The circuit boards are inverted on either Klimax or Radikal (can’t remember which) and I have read claims on another forum that the Akurate sounds better if placed upside down!
My dealer also told me that Linn have said that there is no audible difference. My understanding is that was correct up until some Linn components had circuitry upgraded with the introduction of Dynamik. Apparently following that development some dealers started to notice that the Klimax sounded better, whether Linn still say otherwise I don’t know but in the field I believe it’s widely accepted that the Klimax sounds better