Kudos 606 for olives?

Hi there,

here we go again … an offer came up for Kudos 606 pair in tinea.
As many may know - I am the guy loving his SBL MK1… but always going near a heart attack, when a system upgrade offers more bass definition and less weight.
REALLY love what timing and foot tapping the SBL gives, but bass weight (not definition) is a problem in my plasterboard environment. But - I like the speed, timing and sometimes dominant “in the face” activity and emotional voices the SBL gives.

An offer for Kudos 606 came up and by now I do not know if there is any chance for “demoing” the speaker. Therefore I am a bit hesitating status - but pricing seems reasonable as well as the dealer seems nice.

But without home demo … a speaker? and Drago? :slight_smile:

On the other hand it seems to be one of the top speakers recommended for former SBL owners.

Damn - I hate this first world problems…

My system… ND555/555PS/52/135 (recapped olives - ND555 from 2022)

What do you guys think?

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I had previously used all olive cds2/52/135’s into Kudos Titan T88’s ( the predecessor of the 808’s). Bought blind and worked great.
I have not heard any other Kudos speakers.
Would predict it would work with the 606 speakers
Let’s hear from those that use the 606’s.


Remember, that you are one, with olives and kudos - good to hear :slight_smile:

Also need them a bit near the wall - 15 cm could be max. I do not want to move the sofa too much as I also like to watch TV :slight_smile:
But I think the will work near the wall - especially the plasterboard one with the listing spot in the middle of a 40 square meter room - which I assume all reduces bass.

I run 606s active fronted by 52/SC/SNAXO/SC/135s and honestly think I’m done with upgrades to amplification & speakers.

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I have 606’s but not with Naim now. Moved to Aavik. They are probably my last speaker. Really quite sensational. I did use them briefly with an 282/Hicap/250DR/NDX2 system and they were great.

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I demoed the Kudos 606 and I’ve owned the SL2s, poorly set up. I will be surprised if the 606 can match the SBLs timing. But you will get a more weighty presentation and more detail.

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Come on @khan84 :slight_smile:
You know, that you are some kind of inspiration for me :slight_smile:
But that’s correct - I am especially skeptical with the timing … the less bass weight - the better speed - so it is. More detail will be fine also… but the timing is the “in the face popping” - isn’t it?

Did you do the demo (home demo?) while you where using the SL2?

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Is it clear, that the kudos will bring more bass weight…? They have a smaller driver - but 2 of them.
I actually do not know if they are a closed speaker as SBL - or bass reflex downside?

Kudos 606 is an isobarik bass reflex design. I did not audition these speakers when I had the SL2 and it was a demonstration at a dealer NOT at home.

Having said that I think I got a good handle on the sound signature of the kudos. Great definition and punch in the low end. Great bass extension. A healthy amount of detail. Basically it plays well with the Naim leading edge resolution as it too pulls in the same direction. Where I honestly feel you may prefer the SBL (if SBL is anything like SL2) is the midrange is more open and less boxy. The speed and timing was also absolutely spot on with the SL2 and I presume it would be the same with the SBL.

Another thing to note is you have to be careful with Kudos as if not partnered well the treble can be a little too much of a good thing. When partnered right though I’m sure they can sound good.

Honestly speaking, I’m probably doing the Kudos a disservice. I think they have qualities that I think somebody can work with in a system and make them sound wonderful. I just couldn’t do it. I prefer the Naim speakers sound signature especially with treble. I have also had a home demo of the 505 and Super 20a. I found there is definitely a house sound to Kudos.

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I had S20’s when I had my 52 and, yes, sometimes treble could be a little on the ”hot” side but the 606’s I now use don’t have any of that.

They’re tremendously engaging speakers, with no apparent faults whatsoever. Ok, they don’t quite scale like a pair of 808s but if you’re coming from SBLs, you absolutely wouldn’t notice. I don’t agree with khan84 about the SBLs being better in the mid, as that’s simply their dominant characteristic.

I chose mine after demo’ing them against some 707s and, against my expectations, much preferred them. End game speakers for me. If you get them at a good price, you could possibly move them on at little cost if they didn’t do it for you.


If you like the SBL´s go active with them,that´s an big upgrade, much better grip,speed, timing and bass response and with a much more delicate top end.

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It could work great, but whether they met with your preference??

Thanks to all of you.
There will be a return option - had a call with the dealer. Nice dealer!
They might be around 10 years old - is this a problem?
My sals are around 35 years old :slight_smile:

Do you refer to the SBL not being better in the kids as it is their dominant characteristic (dominant for SBL or Kudos?)

@drago SBLs. 606s have a smooth, even frequency response.

I don’t think 606s were available 10 years ago. I think I was the first person on the Forum to get a pair and that would have been around mid 2017

SBLs are mid dominant - but this comes with the “snapping” and “in the face” characteristic - also nice.
Heard the Kudos once and remembered that they are the first ones I should give a try. Maybe I should…

But a lot to manage with the speaker cable… not standard naim plugs :frowning: (Nach 5 cable)

Any problems with them being around 10 years old?

The 606 was launched in mid 2017, so the oldest they can be is just over six years. Assuming they haven’t been thrashed, there shouldn’t be any issues.

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Thanks - found the launch date a few minutes ago!


Can anyone please confirm, that there will be more bass weight than SBL.
That is the main reason I did it… :slight_smile:

It’s not possible to confirm that, as all rooms are different. I suspect that there will be fuller bass, but whether you prefer the overall sound to your SBLs is something only you can decide. You say you have a refund option, so you can try them at your leisure without risk.

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Only my ears can tell :slight_smile:
This will be a project … oh yeah as I need to arrange the speakers both to stand on its final position … changing will not be this easy. here we go again :slight_smile: