Kudos 606

Just purchased a P/L pair in satin black :blush:

It’s a bit of a journey home but if I’m not too tired I’ll be giving them a listen tonight.

Any pointers on distance from back wall, distance apart and from listening spot, toe-in etc? I will experiment but interested to hear what others have found best.


Congratulations on joining the Titan club! Don’t really know about 606s (I have 808s) though there are quite a few owners on here who will I expect be along shortly. Hope you enjoy them - I would be surprised if you don’t but all in the ears of the listener …



Wonderful speakers but need lots of hours to peak!

Mines are exactly 32cm from the back wall with just a touch of toe on. Kudos recommend ‘off axis’ placement so any toe in should be very minimal if at all.

Not sure I am at my end game speaker position just yet.

What are your driving them with?


Have fun


Thanks all. Driving them with NDS/555DR, 252/SC, NAP 300


Forgot to say, they are very room tolerant so you should have no problems siting them when you get home.

Pictures, we do love pictures.

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That will sound stunning!

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Good choice…mine are 24cms from back wall, 2.1 mtrs apart (to centres)…no toe in…

had a good listening sesh last night…amazingly good speakers…



What’s the consensus on grilles? On or off?

I leave mine on. I have never done that with previous speakers I have owned. They are more acceptable from my partner’s point of view that way. I’m quite happy with the grilles on. Enjoy! They will sound great from the start but will improve as well!

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I had been using mine with grills off but we’ve been looking after 3 active grandsons recently so have put the grills back in place. Had expected this to “ruin” the listening experience but that’s not been the case. In fact, I might just prefer it…… but maybe it’s just because I can relax more not worrying about a poked in tweeter. :grinning:



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With kids now in their teens but two cats in the house I’ll probably be leaving mine off!

I’m sure the cats would be delighted with their new scratching posts so better to be safe than sorry :grimacing:

Gilles on.

In my view, some speakers suit them on, Kudos Titan range being one of them.

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Move the speakers in and the cats out!!! :laughing:

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I’m currently using Which Hat N2 speaker cable and that could well be my next upgrade. Be good to hear recommendations

Mine are 25cm from the back wall either side of a chimney breast grilles on, no toe in…

They seem to be very room tolerant indeed.

End game speakers for me so end game speaker cables - ChordMusic.

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Kudos KS-1…not expensive, however rather good synergy…


I bet they sound better than passive…… (Sorry)