Kudos Active day with Cymbiosis

evening this popped into my inbox earlier today Saturday 20th July @Cymbiosis are hosting one demo I am not going to miss, as the T505 as right on my radar for next purchase but the T808 system looks so damn good

Kudos Titan Active Roadshow
Saturday 20th July 2019.
After much speculation and anticipation, Cymbiosis is delighted to announce that we are holding an open day to launch the Kudos Titan Loudspeakers running in active configuration with the new Naim SNAXO active crossovers.
We hope that you will be able to join us for this momentous event on Saturday 20th July 2019. We will be open from 10.00.am until 6.30pm and will be joined by Derek Gilligan of Kudos, who will be able to explain the benefits of a Kudos active system and answer any questions you may have.

We will be running two systems as listed below…

  • Kudos Titan 808 Loudspeakers

  • A top specification Linn Sondek LP12 Turntable

  • Naim ND555 with 2 x 555 PS Network Player

  • Naim NAC 552 inc 552 PS Preamplifier

  • 3 x Naim NAP300 inc 300 PS Power amplifiers

  • Naim SNAXO 362 with Supercap Power Supply

  • Kudos Titan 505 Loudspeakers

  • Naim NDX 2 with XPS Power Supply

  • Naim NAC 252 Preamplifier with Supercap

  • 2 x Naim NAP250 Power Amplifiers

  • Naim SNAXO 242 with HiCap Power Supply

Derek will also be demonstrating active versus passive by changing to a single Naim NAP250 in the Titan 505 system.
If you would like to come along, we would be grateful if you could let us know that you will be attending, with an approximate time you think you will be arriving. Please email us.
We look forward to seeing you for what promises to be an exciting day of music.

Would love to have been able to attend but, sadly, can’t. Please post your impressions…

Would have thought a fairer comparison would be to swap out the 2x250 with a nap 300? Also it would have been more interesting to slot in a nap 500 to compare to the active 300 amps. I think they are missing a trick here imo. Be interested in your thoughts as well.

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@Gazza will post comments, I am running 252/SC/300DR, NDX but my main source is LP12 (which @Cymbiosis built)

so I am really keen to hear the 2x 250 in active mode, I am in now way looking to swap out my 300 so might look at alternatives - may be 135?

but will post thoughts and photos

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Would love to go but clashes with The Bishop Wilton Village Fete!




No tricks missed given the number of NAP300s available to us - HQ have none to lend out sadly but our rep Mike has kindly stepped in with the loan of his 300.
All active on the day guys but anyone feeling inspired, active/passive demos could follow along with even wonky active so as to illustrate a financially viable (real world for most of us) upgrade route for those who wish to quantify the benefits versus cost.




This has got me wondering - if I go active by adding a second CB 250 and Snaxo 242 to my 32.5/hc/250/Allae system, and at some later date the Allaes blow up, could I simply replace the Allaes with Kudos 505 and have the settings on the Snaxo 242 changed? Or would I have to get an entirely new crossover?

Going active is one of those prizes I have been stalking but never pulled the trigger on because of the lack of viable backup options in case the Allaes die.

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Good to see someone maintaining a sense of proportion…


OK have a great day…let the music flow

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Yep have a good time and I look forward to the postings that follow.


Lookig forward to travelling down to hear the 808s. Heard the 505s active last weekend at Cranage Hall - very impressive indeed.

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Well I’m going but leaving my wallet at home.


Good idea @nigelb will be buying drinks then😉

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If I go then I might finally meet @LindsayM.

@Gazza, I take it you are not going.

It sounds like an interesting day.

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No the Signals one is fairly soon, and they are putting their money where their mouth is and have ordered some more 500 and 300 amps to be able to demo any active Naim/ Kudos pairing. In fact the amps have arrived and can be demoed now in conjunction with the Naim summer upgrade offer.

@NigelB it would be great to meet fellow forum members

I might go to the Cymbiosis and Signals demos.

When is the Signals day, Gazza?

Not been announced yet, i will let you know though.

This should be a good event - If the compromised environment of a hotel room at the Cranage show can demonstrate just how good an active 505 based system can sound, then this Cymbiosis dem should be a treat!


They are waiting fir Kudos to confirm, could be August or September, keep you posted