Kudos cable with Naim

A quick question: I’m about to order new speaker cables, as I need longer ones. Would 2x9.5 metres of Kudos KS1 be too much for a Supernait 2?
At present I have 2x6m lengths of Tellurium Black, but I find the Tellurium Q Black II a bit expensive. And no, NACA5 is not an option…

Don’t see any problem great cable indeed. :+1:t2:


How about looking for not-new speaker cable…?

Better Value.

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Make sure to use the Naim Connectors at the Supernait end


It’ll be fine. All the more so for being quite long.

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Currently running 2 x 10 metres of Kudos KS-1 with NAC 332 + NAP 350’s here.

Previously used the cable with SuperNait2 + HiCapDR + NAP 250DR, it works very well.


You’re right, but I’m not likely to find any Kudos cable where I live, and I’m not too keen to get them from eBay.
Besides, “pre-loved” cables tend to have a sound of their own, depending on the degree and nature of the love that has been lavished on them (only joking…).

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Thanks for your replies, all of you.

I wonder why NACA5 is not an option. It’s the best cable for most Naim products.

You’re probably right, but I need a thinner cable.

HH considers it an excellent match for Naim kit.


I use the KS-1 speaker cable currently with my Linn Selekt DSM.

However, used it previously with my two Naim NAP 250 power amps, with no issues and, to me, sounded better then when I used Naim NAC A5.


In my experience speaker cable is speaker dependent as opposed to the electronics.

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I love the sound from my ks1 cables hope they work well for you.

I’d stick to the 6.5 meter length you have.

Unfortunately I have no choice - I need longer cables.

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Can’t find a smaller room to use ? :upside_down_face:

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That is certainly not my experience. I have always understood that the older Naim power amps (such as I have) need a certain length of NACA cable to perform at their optimum.

You may have newer, or non-Naim, power amps.

Yes isn’t it more the cable length with the older amps. Didn’t people use Linn cable back then?

The loo, you mean? The problem is, we have several loos in the house - so, which one? :wink: