Kudos Heaven

Well I am not normally given to wildly over effervesent reviews BUT!!!
I have 3 days ago unpacked and set up Kudos 707s and have not moved away from them
getting a bit hungry now!
From the begining let alone now after 3 days of 24/7 running they are simply superb. So much more of everything poise, speed, detail, body, richness, bass, tight drums whatever you want to call it, they are putting the musicians in front of me and they are keeping me seated. the only downside is what the hell do i do with the delivery boxes, they are huge!!
Fellow Naimites I have moved from Focal Kantas which although were pretty good the difference is amazing. Yes I know there is a big price difference and maybe focals bigger boys would compare but when you get something in front of you that excites and locks you to your seat you know you are in heaven!


Congratulations - great to hear a positive outcome especially on speakers which more often than not can be a source of disappointment/ frustration. Don’t change anything!!


I’m not surprised by your delight. :+1:t2:

I own X3s and describe them like you did. :sunglasses: :+1:t2:
Kudos to them. :wink:

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I recently upgraded to 707’s from an ageing pair of Linn Isobariks. My decision was based on hearing my mate’s 808’s, which were beyond my means, so I was flying semi-blind but don’t regret it for a minute

More people should hear them. Very special speakers. I had 505s, which i loved, went to 606s, love them even more.


Those 606s are gorgeous. Maybe one day……

I had a pair of 707’s for a short while, and I had complaints from the neighbours across the road! These were supplied in error, and had to go back, I now have the correct X3’s. The 707’s are beautiful, but too big for my smaller front room. The X3’s work well with my Naim system.

I use my 606s in a small area and they sound superb. Very close to a wall and no booming of base. @Granted eloquently describes the sound of his 707s and I say the 606s sound the same but in a smaller space.

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Currently running a pair of Super 20A. It was close between them and the 606 speakers. Whilst the 606 was better in terms of pure SQ, cost at the time meant I selected the Super 20A. I aspire to 606 but finance says no … for now.

Unfortunately the larger sizes are just too much for my rooms (and wallet).

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Are yours brand new or preloved ? I only ask as although I love mine they were awful out of the box and took 3-400 hours before truly coming on song.

They also improved further when I switched from a 300DR to a 500DR :wink:

Brand new and I thought they would be a problem straight out the box but no they sounded great from start. But of course getting better all the time. can’t wait until they have 300 hours on them. I will have died from hunger before then!