Kudos Heaven

Yes, with an SN3 but perhaps I should have qualified the statement by adding that the bass was too heavy in a small space. Surprisingly, the 808s were better in a small space but the size was just too much for me to consider.

I concur. I looked at 707s but they were too big for my room so settled on 606s and love ‘em.

Very impressed with Kudos after a variety of speakers over the years from Heybrook, Linn and PMC.


Very nice! I notice that you use similar feet to me and you appear to have slightly more toe in than me.

You have yours about the same distance from the rear wall as me. They behave themselves in this position which was a great attraction for me.

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Since that pic was taken I’ve upgraded to Gaia 2 isolater feet. What a fabulous upgrade!

I also now have no toe-in (as per Kudos recommendation)


I also have your previous spike shoes ( Track Audio Isolation Cups) with my 606 and I’m tempted to try the Gaia II. What difference in SQ did you note? Are the 606 still stable to the floor?

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Too big for the room in terms of size or sound ?

I was sceptical about them but decided to take a punt and I’m glad I did. Better bass, stereo imagery and clarity. The 606s are very stable. I took my time fitting them by turning the speakers upside down to do it. Plenty of good videos on YouTube showing how to do it. They’re not cheap (£300 for each set of 4) but on £12,000 speakers I justified it.


They were physically just too big and dominated the room. But the 606 are just right (Goldilocks speakers :rofl:)


I have thought about these or similar and appreciate your description of the sound improvements you heard.

One problem with my current cups is that they seem to have adhered to the floor so I cannot adjust toe in without taking the speakers off, prising the cups from the floor and then having the ball ache of trying to position them again. The Gaias would at least allow easier adjustment. Can you move your speakers freely on the floor or do they adhere?

I use Herbie’s Cone/Spike Decoupling Gliders, the titanium version, in conjunction with the Kudos spikes, under my 606s. They are a bargain for what they do to the sound, tight, very well balanced and great bass control. Plus they make adjusting the speakers very easy. Take a look. Have used several Herbie’s products have always been pleased with the results.


I have the brass version of those on order to replace normal spike protectors :ok_hand:

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I use a set of four Giant Titanium Cone/Spike Decoupling Gliders from Herbie’s Audio Lab under my stereo rack as well as under each of my ProAc D30RS speakers. Highly recommend.


I found it easy to slide my speakers into position (on my wooden floor) by placing a towel under the gaias and sliding. This is the method shown on the video on the IsoAcoustics website. Once I was happy with the final position I removed the towel and hey presto - they never need to be moved again. The bottom of the gaias have a suction effect on the wooden floor and are solidly anchored. If you have a carpeted floor then what I have described above would be a little more difficult but should still work.

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Hi @Toon , thank you. If I proceed with the Gaias (£300 for each speaker!), I will follow that procedure. Mine is a solid floor with Karndean style vinyl tiles so I guess they will adhere in the same way as yours on a wooden floor.

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Hi @Toon
Spoke to Derek this morning regarding Isolation feet for my 606s, as the spikes supplied by Kudos are from Track Audio.
He said that he only recommends spikes and cups/shoes for Titans?

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We have just finished having major refurbishments to our home, which now has a Karndean LVT floor on top of concrete.
As the spikes supplied with my 606s are made by Track Audio, I was looking at the Track Audio spike shoes. But then I saw your post…
I was wondering how they compare with your Herbies?


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Really can’t answer that. I’ve never used the Track shoes. I’ve had such good luck with the Herbies no need to. Also the Herbies were recommended by my dealer. Sorry.

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Yeah …… I’ve heard this feedback too but I can only trust what my ears can hear.

But it’s not as if the Track Audio spikes and shoes are poor - they do a fab job. So whichever option works best for us in our rooms in our systems on our floors with our ears is fine by me.

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I use them as well after following advice from @seakayaker they are fantastic and sound great when used with Track Audio spikes(my system of course).

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