Kudos Titan 606 positioning

Looking at getting a demo of some Titan 606 speakers and have a question re positioning and distances.

My room is 5m x 3.5m but I’m restricted to speaker positioning based on the width of my projector screen.

A few questions please:

  1. Rear wall distance: I’m looking at about 20/30cm, I’m hoping this will be OK

  2. Distance between speakers: I sit 280cm from speakers and minimum distance between the two speakers will be 260cm. I know Kudos say 200cm worth it am guessing that’s just a guide ?

  3. Location: I’m looking at positioning the speakers where these B&W’s (these will be going along with the NEAT’s) are now - I worry the FL speaker is going to sound poor due to my rack positioning ?

The picture below will portray better what I’m babbling on about. Apologies for the bloody dog !!!

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Google ‘Kudos Set Up Guide’

Thanks, I’ve seen that but point 3 is my main worry.

Hi Gav

very happy to help/respond, will get the measure out…just need to pop out so will reply in detail later this evening. :smile:

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Appreciate it, no rush.

2m apart and 20cm from the back wall.


Hi gav, even if it requires moving your telly to the right, I would highly recommend to use the 2 metres distance Kudos suggests. Make sure to have completely the same distance to the sidewalls from each speaker. This will also negate the right hand side door way for space I suspect. Even your current set up will suffer time-domain issues. It WILL make a big positive difference promise! :+1:t3: Good luck Peter


Touché Sir :wink: Just emailed you Peter

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Don’t be disheatened if you can’t get them to gell. Despite the high regard, that was my experience when home demoing unfortunately. Nice with some music but lacked bass in my room and in no way were they willing to rock. Your mileage may vary of course. Nice room BTW.


Mine are exactly the same as @james_n Six feet apart, and (after much experimentation), 8 inches from the walls. In my experience, they are not as sensitive to positioning as previous speakers I have owned.


Problem with this is the TV isn’t the issue. There’s a 110” projector screen that’s hidden in the pellet which is limiting the width as it’s 2m wide and the speakers would then be in the way.

A happy-medium could be I put them at 200m distance and then physically move them out wider when I use the projector (probably once a week).

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If you aligned the inner edges of the speakers with the outside of the screen, the tweeter to tweeter distance will be about 2.25m, only 25cm more than 2m. There is no reason why that would be a problem; it would be potty to consider moving large speakers every time you want to watch a film. 25cm can’t be that significant and will be affected by how far away you sit anyway.


After much experimentation I’ve settled on 2.2m apart (Centre to Centre) and 25cm from rear wall. Works for my room.

Well worth experimenting though. Good luck.

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I appreciate your set up is sort of a surround type, but it’s all about 1st reflections. This is where an equal speaker/sidewalls distance is so important. HH is also alluring to this, and it does indeed make a heck of a difference. With a symmetrical set up, and getting your left channel out of the corner you’ll experience much better cohesion of your sound and bass balance. This is my humble set up to give you an idea ( 190 centrimetres between drive units in my case)

Change is good :+1:t3: Best Peter


Quality dog!


Very stylish room.

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Thanks Peter. I love you too. :green_heart:



Listening room is 4.5 mtr x 4.3 mtr, speakers firing across the room.

23cm from back wall, 2 mtrs apart, LH spkr 120cm from side wall, RH spkr 65 cm from side wall

Rack is between the speakers…use to be speakers firing down the room, rack where it is now…prefer current set-up. Speakers approx 35 cm from rack. No toe in, I think they are designed to be listened to ‘off axis’…

Sounds pretty good to my lugs…

My advice is to try out different placements as you are able to, they are quite forgiving speakers in my experience…if they work out - great, if not then you know to try out others.

Good luck and let us all know how you get on :crossed_fingers:

(Nice dog)

edit - I think the 250DR will drive them well, I have had a NC250.3 on demo for 7 days and it was fine.

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Tehe…:wink: Enjoy your weekend Peter