Kudos Titan 606

I had a speaker demo earlier this week of Kudos T505,606 plus Bower & Wilkins 803 D3s.

All three are superb speakers but my preference was for the T606s and consequently have a pair at home on demo.

Been listening for the last couple of days and they are bloody superb the bass is so tightly controlled the music just flows with a seamless, natural and effortless presentation.

They seem to be room friendly as well not needing as much distance from the rear wall as my Spendor D7s.


They look gorgeous
I’m sure they sound great

Great speakers and they look good in your room.

Can I ask, how far away are your side walls?

The picture does not do them justice they look better in the flesh and I am very pleased how they fit into the lounge they sound stunning.

The finish is Walnut finish but I also liked the Tiineo finish on the 505s I listened to but the dealer said the Kudos had stopped one of the finishes can’t remember which one and on which speaker ??

Probably have a bit of arm wrestling with the dealer next week to sort a deal.

They are 36 inches away from the left hand wall and 42 inches away from the right hand wall.The equipment rack is on the right, angled following the line of the bay window I can sent a picture tomorrow if required.

I would like to see it please. My personal thoughts are that they could come out a fair bit more and could be toed in. A little which could help sound staging. Your room is not too dissimilar from mine which has 808’s in it.

My 808’s sound Berger with loads of air around them but it’s just my humble opinion.


They look superb and from what you say sound superb…enjoy the home demo and the negotiating with the your dealer…

Quite strange how different rooms interact with different speakers when the dealer installed the 606s he placed them in same place as my Spendor D7s but ended up moving them closer to the back wall to get the soundstage right.

The soundstage on the Kudos speakers is superb.

The Spendors were 300mm away whilst the 606s are 250mm I was quite surprised how moving them back a couple of inches pulled everything together.

Those 808s do look rather nice.

Wenger, I am very pleased with both the looks and sound of these speakers considering they are only slightly wider than the Spendors being the same height and depth the performance uplight is quite astonishing.

Not knocking the Spendors they are excellent at there price point

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It definitely sounds like the Kudos will be staying…?

I’d like to see it, just because it looks like a beautiful room and I like looking at lovely rooms.


PB how far apart are your 808s? How wide is the wall that they are fronting?

Hi David, the rear wall is 14ft wide, there is 6 foot between the inside of each speaker. I would like them further apart but the room dictates.

Thanks - my T88s are 7ft from inside speakers (8ft tweeter to tweeter) on a 20 ft wall. Works for me

That would be perfect for me too David :blush:

Thank’s for your insight David.

Did you look at the Spendor D9 at all ? Or were you after a complete change of direction with the T606 ?

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Kudos speakers will work close to a back wall but the room will dictate how much bass you get, in some rooms it could be too much hence the need to move them forward a bit.

My 808s work very well 170cm apart 65cm from the side walls and 35cm of the back wall with a very slight toe in firing down the room which is about 6m long and 4m wide. I am running with the grills on at the moment as we are looking after our daughter’s dog.


Picture as requested of the room where the equipment is located the rack is a Quadraspire SVT2 in Bamboo with the Bronze upgrade.

Been playing a selection of music today they are superb. I think the next choice is Tineo or Walnut finish ??


Did you know you can also / instead get an oak finish? You have to wait until it’s convenient for the assembly process but no extra charge


Thanks for the info I was going to ring Kudos tomorrow and ask what finishes are available and availability.