Kudos Titan 707 v Naim SL2

And even then general customer preference doesn’t mean I will like it

Slightly off topic: Does anyone recall which model 606 or 707 running active that Kudos demonstrated at the Bristol show 2020, fronted by supernait/250/snaxo/hicap combo? Sounded sublime. Though 20a are probably my limit on £rrp.

I think room size plays a key role in people’s decision as I would have thought the 505 and 606 would be the sweet spot in the range as they would typically suit the average UK living room. My SBL’s at the time could not fill the space of a 6.5 x 5 meter room or had to be played very loud. Both the 707’s and 808’s fill the room effortlessly with the ability to play at a much lower volume and still provide a immersive sound.

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I think it was the 606, but not 100% sure.

Indeed. And as @AndyJ says, room size (and configuration) will play an important role regarding which Titan might work best.

Apologies for the misinformation.

The dangers of anecdotal evidence!


Well a certain @NigelB correctly mentioned in the first post of that topic the Kudos setup already.

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Hi Nigel

Of course, you’re correct that one cannot make a reliable or valid generalization from the evidence presented by FR.

But - and it’s a big butt - you can say that it represents an interesting snapshot - that normally products that cost more and have ‘better’ spec as one goes up a range tend to be preferred.

But there are enough cases of people preferring 606s to 707s to make it a worth looking at both if possible to match room, musical preference, etc.

I know that our friend from the old forum JN, downgraded his Titans too, and enjoyed the (iirc) standmounts more than the floorstanders he had previously (and has just moved on to another brand of speakers).



Yes, the memory isn’t what it used to be.

I indeed had a good listen to that system in Bristol. I have to say, although it sounded very good, I wasn’t entirely convinced it was close to a ‘full fat’ active system with separate a pre amp and two separate power amps (IIRC!), where I have heard the 707s before. I guess that is to be expected.

How rude! :wink:

You too are correct, but I did indicate that the restrictions of a particular room for example could mean a 606 is preferable. Horses for courses.


I have never said that my assessment was general. Maybe I don’t understand enough the concept of anecdotal. For me anecdotal is like insignificant.
How can you state that they are much more than a dozen of persons having heard and observed, here in the forum, the differences between 606 and 707? I doesn’t count so many here.

My point exactly. The forum represents a tiny, and therefore unrepresentative, sample of the total population who have heard the 606s and 707s.

I love to read reviews on here, but we should see them for what they are, an anecdote.

Perhaps we should all end our comments on here with ‘YMMV’!

In that case, all opinions here are anecdotal, as you said before. However, naming them as such, we can wonder if it’s even worth giving an impression. If something said is insignificant , perhaps better say nothing :face_with_monocle:

It’s really not worth arguing about. Some prefer the 606. Some prefer the 707. That’s about all anyone can say. What matters is which people prefer in their own room with their own system.


Anecdotal doesn’t mean insignificant, just not definitive.

Opinions are not facts.

As HH says, the only opinion that really matters is your own.

Now back to the topic.


You interpreted what I reported as if I was saying it’s a fact. I never thought that. I just wanted to point that maybe, even if the 707 is better on paper, it may not be better for all.
Like for instance 250 dr and 300 dr. For me and some the 250 dr is more musical. For some the XS2 has better prat vs the SN2. The 282 more involving vs the 252 ( still for some).
So the goal of all that is ? : before buying the 707, compare first with the 606. Who knows.



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I agree too Nigel, but of course that’s still anecdotal and subjective even :laughing: Best Peter

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I’ll take anecdotal affirmation!

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