Naim at the Bristol Show 2020

All new data switch from Chord cables company. Don’t know what means “ new data” for them.

Yes, but why the specify “ all new data switch “? The term written in the link you posted.
They could just have said “ Ethernet switch “.

data switch, Ethernet switch or simply switch , means roughly the same.

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So, sitting in the Naim room at the moment. It’s an open room, behind the bar/cafe. They are demonstrating Statement, fed by ND555 + 2x555PS, taking music from a Uniti Core into a set of Focal Scala Utopia Evos.

Have to say that despite the room comprises, it does sound rather nice.


Nice little selection of merchandise.


The Kudos room has an interesting setup. Kudos Titan 707 fed by a Supernait 3, in preamp mode with SNAXO, 250DR and hicaps. Fully active!


Hey Marka…your posts are appreciated👍


Odd kind of set up! I have to say though, I do like the look of the 707s.


Very interesting system and also says a lot about the SN3 Pre section. Lovely Speakers .


A surprisingly fresh sounding system. Hegel H590 into a set of KEF LS50. Fed by Roon on MacBook Pro over USB, direct into the Hegel’s built in DAC.

Demonstrates what a source/amp first approach with cheaper speakers can do.


The new Harbeth P3ESR XD.

Vocals on this sound heavenly.


Hey Marka, you took the place of Bert this year. Thanks to post. Bert will probably post again on Munich.
Have you heard new Leema streamers?
Pink Faun ?

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Thanks for the photos and commentary. It’s very helpful for us “across the pond”

Harbeth C7ES-3 XD. These are the former 40th Anniversary editions, but in a normal cabinet (rather than the special cabinets) and without the WBT binding posts.

Rather lovely. But they are running off a nice big amp to give them the bass kick.

If you like holographic imaging and acoustic instruments how they are supposed to sound. These are wonderful.


This was the playlist I captured in Naim room.


Hegel H390? All models come as XD now?

Yes, Alan Shaw is running the H390 for the demo. I think all models are XDs now. So they all have the new crossover improvements of the former 40th Anniversary’s.

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Just come out of the Chord Company demo, they did the 8Switch and…
A Burndy!
I’m not a Naim person, there was a definite increase in clarity, flow for both.

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Of course any discussion relating to a Non-Naim burndy is not allowed here.

The guys from isoacoustics were doing A/B demos of a set of Focals with and without their Gaia II screw in pucks.

Noticed a good lift with them on. Bass tighter, vocals and highs crisper.