L shape room

Anybody got L shape room and how does it sound.

Mine is kind of L-shaped, such that the distance from side wall to speaker is about 60cm on one side, and 170cm on the other. Overall it’s the best room I’ve had for acoustics. Having said that, I do tend to listen ‘off axis’ quite a bit, and a perfect stereo image is not my highest priority. I cannot abide the idea of having to sit in a precise location in order to get things sounding ‘right’, and that is probably reflected in my choice of speakers.


Mine is, and it’s great, but I was lucky with some things. I described it here in detail a while ago:

Thanks for info mine is similar in shape and I have it sounding very good, I have bass traps In 2 corners and 150 mm bass traps behind each speaker. Also first reflection panels just standing on floor. I do have the speaker on short wall which is 14f w with 21f L than the open L to the back of room is 8f open 6f deep. The wall the speakers are on is solid block on the flat with blobs on plaster boards.

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