Lambretta purchase and rebuild

I’m nearing the end of my Lambretta rebuild so thought it’s about time to share some images as a few members have requested. @Neilb1906 @FangfossFlyer

I’ve been after a vintage scoot for some years now but never had the knowledge or contacts to get one fully rebuilt with new engine.

June 2020 I managed to find a clean 1959 Series 1 (Framebreather) Li 125 with all the parts needed to make it whole again. The previous owner had stripped it about 10 years with the intention to rebuild it again but a divorce has got in the way and he needed to free up some funds. He’d started stripping some of the paintwork off and had sealed the main tubular frame to avoid rust and decay. All in all it was an 8/10 in terms of parts and bodywork with only minimum bending and welding required.

My friend who’s undertaking the rebuild is local to me (literally 10-mins down the road) retired a couple of years ago and is spending all his time now rebuilding classic Vespas / Lambrettas. Himself the owner of an LD 150, TV 175 S2 and a GS150.

He had another couple of projects on the go so work wouldn’t start on mine until Christmas 2021 but that gave me enough time to get to grips with colour, theme and of course accessories.

Here’s the accessories I ended up going with - anything marked with an * is a remade part due the ridiculous cost / rarity of originals:

Jug eared rack:

Owl Lights (Lucas):

Running lights (Autoroche):

Flying lady / nymph (Desmo):


Front surround*:

Horncast cover*:

Headlamp peak with gems:

Top rocket embellisher*:

Alpine Hooters (Clear):

10” Wheel cover*:

Fork boot covers (Vigano):

Footboard extensions (Falbo):

Side panel embellishers (TBC):

Rear light housing / lense (Super Catalux):

Bullet light (Lucas):

Number plate surround (Biemme):

“St. Christopher” badge (Renamel):

“Warwickshire” badge (Renamel):

I went round in round in circles on this but decided on green and gold in the end.

The Audi Oak Green Metallic is the main base of the scooter with all small / hidden parts in a contrasting gold.

I went brave and decided on a fully chromed toenail to match the chromed accessories on the rack. I was in two minds whether to do this or not but my mate was doing some work on “Spirit of 63” and after seeing that in the flesh I knew it was the right thing to do.

Standard bottom end with TV2 top end. Engine fully rebuilt with stronger and bigger everything.
Now running at 196cc

Fast forward to November 2022 and we are almost good to go with the following needed to be completed:

  • Fitting of twin cloverleaf exhaust
  • Fitting of footboard extensions
  • Fitting of side panel embelishers
  • Completion of badges (Carte Blanche / Yann)
  • Fitting of badges / decals
  • Completion of seat (Andy Nixon)

Here are some current images - I’ll add some more when it’s fully completed in Feb / March:


Oh my word… beautiful work.
That green is stunning. Thanks so much for posting.
Cant wait to see it all done on a Spring day!

Nice one, lovely to see a cared for restoration

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You need to give it a proper baptism on the next London to Brighton vintage rally with all the ageing Mods and Rockers. You should try to get Leslie Ash as a pillion passenger (Phil Daniels would be a poor substitute).

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Thanks, hopefully won’t be too long until it’s finished.

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A thing of beauty. In 1971, I briefly owned an Li 150 Series 3, model year unknown.

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Beautiful - great job there. I spent years doing a complete rebuild of my scooter from when I was a young lad. Li150 special - all great until some young tw@t in a BMW pulled out of a junction and took me off. It’s in a perpetual “to be repaired” state now. Maybe I’ll take some inspiration from your build and get on with it.


Wow, really impressive and obviously a labour of love!

In the day I owned a Lambretta Series 2 LI150 then an SX200…. Great days!


Looks lovely and green works so well.

Very nice indeedydeedy


Not using a lower chain guide?


My 1964 150 special


Lovely - looks standard, I have a few discrete updates to mine. Is that a green colour as well or just the light?

Just the light giving a green hue - it’s silver

It’s 198cc but got a Rimini 265 on order :see_no_evil:

How much !!! You’re going to upgrade the brakes - no?

Very nice, just seen the price of those 265 kits !!!

Ironically I’m sat here typing this with my blue “Rimini” T-shirt on :grinning:

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Unfortunately yes but the master cylinder will be hidden to try and keep the headset looking original

Necessary compromise along with a bigger petrol tank

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Very nice indeed. A cut above my shower hose brake ‘cabling’ circa 1979. :slightly_smiling_face:

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:joy: had that on mine too back in the day.

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