Latest FW and App update for Uniti Star and Mu-So Qb

So the internet radio issue is solved. Bill Goldsmith from Radio Paradise got back to me - apparently there was a digital cert issue that happened around the same time.

Awaiting a reply from Naim support on the front panel display issue.


I’m in the same boat re my Uniti Star’s display. It was working fine before the update, but is dead now. I’m going to keep watch on this topic.

Great to know I’m not the only edge case out there! I have not had a response from Naim Support yet - I hope to have one soon. I will keep this topic up to date. Rgds.

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@Richard.Dane , are you able to lend assistance with getting some focus from Naim Support?

As I’ve posted on another thread for anyone else who may be awaiting a response from the Support team, they’re quite a small team and of course, since the recent Firmware and App updates they’ve got a lot of queries to get through, so please be patient.

If it’s really urgent then a good way to flag up your email, is to send another email, quoting the original email ticket number, in the subject bar, for example “Re- Ticket XXXXXX”. This shows then that the original ticket is of high importance, and they’ll hopefully prioritise a response to it.

Thanks Richard - much appreciated. Not super urgent - can still enjoy the music!

If you still haven’t heard by next week try following it up as per the above. And if you don’t hear back then, just let me know and I’ll see what I can do.

I got all excited tonight when I saw a new firmware for my Uniti Star ( Installed it immediately, assuming it just had to contain a fix for the display issue. No it did not. At least not for me.

BTW, there are a couple of others on one of the Facebook Naim groups also having the display issue. I’ll continue keeping watch here.

Thanks for the heads up. Maybe we need to do a factory reset again?

I followed up with a reminder, but still heard nothing. Ticket # is 122173. Appreciate any help you can offer. Thanks Richard.

Sorry to hear that. I’ve asked for someone at Naim to chase it up for you.

Thank you sir!

Any news? I’m still without display, too. I keep looking out for a firmware release hoping it fixes the issue. It’s pretty frustrating. I also want to keep this thread alive.

Hey - a little, but nothing definitive. I have had a dialogue with the support team and I’m overdue in providing an update - sorry. Their thoughts are that it is a hardware fault. I am not sure, given the timing with the last FW upgrade (you to I believe). They gave me a deeper reset option, with the firm warning that if I did not do it correctly I may brick the unit. Given that I can’t do without my music and the state of parts/ transport/ etc at the moment, I have elected to wait and do a few more updates as they come through. If it does not get sorted by future updates, I’ll take it in when supply chains etc get back to normal. I can do everything on the iPad, so that will have to do for now. Sorry I have not got better news.

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Well, that’s depressing. So they mean to tell us that they caused a hardware fault via a firmware update? Ridiculous.

Yes, mine happened seemingly as the direct result of the firmware update. I turned my unit on (display working) to listen to some music, noted that it needed an update, crossed my fingers and started the process and walked away. When I came back later the display was no longer working, though everything else is fine. I updated my Mu-so Gen 1, and Mu-so Qb the same day and they are fine.

Every time I do an update to any software/firmware I worry that it will break more than it fixes, and that is indeed what happened this time. I can’t believe I paid $6000US for a product that can be broken so easily, by the manufacturer itself.

Again, there is at least one person on one of the FB Naim groups that has the issue, so we are not totally alone. I wonder how many units are actually out in the wild. Naim is not exactly a “volume” manufacturer.

That isn’t what he said at all. He said they think it’s a hardware fault (you may not know this, but electronics stuff can develop hardware faults spontaneously). And they offered a deeper level of reset that might be irrecoverable if he did it wrong. So he decided not to do it for now for reasons that are nothing to do with Naim.

That’s how I read it anyway.

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Thanks. I can indeed read, and I do hope that the poster (and my co-sufferer) doesn’t take what I said personally. I think it’s obvious that I was complaining about the situation.

Yes, I definitely know that electronic stuff can develop spontaneous hardware faults. However, this “hardware fault” appears to have happened immediately after installing a new firmware revision (through Naim’s very own, controlled, process), and to more than one person.

After my display went blank … again, immediately after installing the firmware update … I quickly searched Google to see if anyone else had experienced it. And yes, it seems they had, at least from a few reported experiences (here and Facebook). It is apparently rare, or owners have not been publicly reporting the issue, but it has happened and is still quite annoying for those of us harmed by it. And yes, it is harm, if a $6k, two year old unit loses its display immediately after a firmware update.

Perhaps the hardware fault happened only due to the reboot after the firmware update, and is not related to the firmware update directly. Perhaps our units just happened to be right on the edge of losing their displays and the firmware update pushed them over the edge. The world may never know.

That Naim offered him a mystical “deep reset” that might brick his unit does not really make it any better. I wouldn’t have done it either, unless they promised me a replacement in case the process did brick the unit.

I really appreciate that he filled us in on the details of his experience, but it doesn’t make me feel very confident my unit will ever fully work again. Try to put yourself in our shoes.

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Surely a deep reset, if you’re in doubt, should be carried out by your dealer. They should be able to do it properly and without bricking the unit.
If they can’t promise to do it correctly, get them to agree to a replacement if they fail, or get another dealer.

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I am in your shoes. I’m a customer like you. But I am sure that Naim would repair or replace a bricked unit in such circumstances.



Yes. Good point. I’ll be contacting my dealer, who is unfortunately an hour and a half away, if they are indeed still a Naim dealer. :crossed_fingers:

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