Lavender IC 5pin din to 5pin din real or fake?

I bought this cable used; the previous owner told me that it is genuine but I have my doubts.
I have two other real (bought from Naim dealer ) lavender cables; one rca to din 1 metre brand new and the other 2 metre din to din (2011) modified to 4 pin din to 5 pin din.

Compared visually to the real lavenders, this dubious lavender is thinner and do not have the green band directional marking. The din plugs and colour look similar. It measured 34 inches long from plug end to plug end. I have not compared it to my genuine cables. However, I have compared it to my DIY din cable of unknown make. It sounded slightly different but I could not tell which one is better. This was done with a CD5x and a Nait XS1.
Can someone tell me whether it is real or fake. If fake, I need to buy another genuine lavender ic to be used on my CD5x to my now Nait 50.
Also, I noticed that my 2011 lavender is slightly thinner than my new lavender.

I’d expect to see a green band.

It may be one of the earlier interconnects, which were more grey than lavender/grey and very slightly thinner too. Is it 1.25m long?

Yes it is 1.25m long. I measured it from plug end to plug end and it is 34 inches which is 1.3m.
Is it same sound quality as the current cable.

Correction 34 inches is actually 0.86 metre.

Thats does not seen… right… :crazy_face:

Not Genuine, imo.

That’s not right for an unadulterated Naim I/c.

I’m guessing it’s a genuine cable someone made shorter to make it airborne.

And the bright spark cut off the end with the band :joy:

Or could be a staff made one from the factory from the parts bin that made it into the wild.