Left is Right Right is Left. Balance help Please

My nac202 is connected to my nap200 with a din cable. So should be ok? No, my dac was connected correctly but the sound from the right was coming from the left speaker and left coming from the right speaker. I swapped the outputs from the DAC left/right and an audio test from a calibration disc had it correct. But then i tried the balance control on my remote and balance left changed the right speaker right changed the left speaker.
My speakers are wired correctly and I can’t see how i could have got the pre to power wrong as its a din cable.
I’m going crakers here, anyone know what the fudge is going on?

Are you sure? It’s a common mistake to assume that the terminals on the L of the amp would go to the L speaker, and those on the R of the amp would go to the R speaker, as viewed from the front.

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So I’m looking at the amp facing me, front facia, I’ve got left speaker connected to left and right to right as I see it.

Hi. If the signals are correct going in to the 202 then I agree the SNAIC to the 200 cannot be wrong. (You say DIN cable, I assume Naim SNAIC?) That leaves checking the the output of the power amp. Looking at the back of the amp from the back the right speaker is on the right. CH 2 Right. Check this and report back.

should it be left right as if i was viewing the rear? thats a bit strange as it means my speaker cables cross each other

No. Correct and yes they may cross each other. CH 2 Right on the right looking at the back.

sorry, yes i meant snaic

bloody hell, looks like ive just taken for granted left and right. Seems i have plugged my speakers in the wrong way. Is this a naim thing because my meridian was left and right from the front not rear.
thanks for the help, I fell like a proper ejit

Don’t feel bad, as you’re not the first person to be fooled by Naim’s slightly odd configuration, and you certainly won’t be the last. :grinning:

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just swapped them. Gonna need some new speaker cable legnths.
thank you very very much for the help. I thought I was going insane

I’ve now screwed up. using the remote to test balance I’ve found my self unable to get back to both speakers. The amp doesnt have a balance control. Help

Whatever speaker is playing balance the other way. So if you can hear the left speaker balance to the right with the remote to you hear both or vice versa.

If that fails a factory reset may help. May help as I’m not sure it resets balance. In pre-amp mode hold the prog button a few seconds then hold the the disp button a few seconds. It will return to normal by itself or hold the prog button again to exit.

Whether they cross depends where your amp is in relation to the speakers, and the route taken be the cables! Different if amp is between the speakers, or the opposite side if the room.

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There is a balance pot hidden within the NAC202 - the remote control operates balance. When it reaches the centre it stops and then requires another press to move beyond the centre.

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I have a related question.After I move the system, zip forgot which Pin should be Red and which should be black… I hope I an nit running the wrong polarity

As long as you are consistent, it won’t matter, but normally, red is + and black is - unless, of course, if you have Naim plugs in which case this doesn’t apply.

I am using naim plug and AC5…

In that case, the cable has a small ridge running along the side of one of the strands, which is normally used to indicate the + and it can be easier to feel than it is to see. The Naim plugs have a small tab on one side with pos on it, which should correspond to the + cable.