Legacy users unite! How do you modernize your streamer?

I use Mconnect which streams Qobuz to my Unitilite without any issue.

Sure it’s a work around but work it does.

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Roon. And a raspberry pi plus hifiberry digi hat.


Lumin U1 Mini and Roon into my 272. Wonderful.

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Then thing is, whatever function you brought your ND5XS for, should continue doing that for many more years. Which is the same as the Amp you brought, and speakers. I think that is the best way to look at it.

Of course technology moves on with streamers unlike Amps(ish) so I suppose it’s natural to try and squeeze a little more out of it - especially if you are a member of this Forum :blush: . I personally see sources (CD/Streamers/TV/etc) as long term consumables, in that it’s almost expected to change them after some years, but your main body (Pre/Amp/Speakers) remains firms, and solid and dependable.

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Since I only to local streaming, I’ve not lost or been denied any functionality I want.

But hypotyeticlly, if sound quality isn’t an issue, add a streaming transport and use the ND * as a DAC. It’s a shame they don’t have ASIO USB input. Then adding a micro PC would be dead simple and cost effective.


To modernize my legacy streamer, I use

  • the sonore upnp bridge to roonify my NDX,
  • the logitech harmony hub and the deepharmony extension to adjust
    volume (supernait) inside the roon app,
  • the microsoft surface dial and the roodial extension to adjust
    volume with a real dial sitting on my coffee table
  • the appleTV app tv:remote, so I can whatch on my TV, what my
    NDX ist playing.
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To stay with Naim products to get latest streaming functionality going from nac272/nap 250 I think my choices are new uniti, nait + ndx2, ndx2+Naim pre amp + power supply+existing nap, wait for new streaming preamp :joy:
Current work round is Sonos connect.

And anybody using Bluetooth equipment ?

My NDS makes everything sound so good that I’ll be keeping it and just adding a ND5 XS2 to it to bring it up to current spec when qobuz is available in Canada. Till then my iradio and ripped CDs on the NAS are perfect. I have a USB with MP3s on it that I stick in the front, and it sounds great as well. So really, I’m just waiting for Qobuz before I bother getting the ND5 XS2.


Audio wise I am happy and content with my 172 streaming FLAC files from my Qnap NAS running MinimServer.
Security and technology wise, I keep my eye on updates and attend to “issues” as they arise which is thankfully not very often.

That looks nice. I added a cheapie node2i and found it better than the streaming section of the 272. Mine is bare with no XPS.

I disabled the upnp input and unplugged the 272 Ethernet cable as well which was another uplift.

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Try Volumio with RaspberryPI you can build one with a good digital output to go into the NAIM dac from HiFiBerry and do Qubuz and any new functionality you might want. I still am flabbergasted they have not updated the 272 yet…


So, what is the Problem with our legacy streamer?
Hardware? Then all the other legacy streamer of Linn & co have the same problem. Do they?
I‘m happy about my nd5xs. From my Nas HDD it plays 24bit pieces.
A software on the Nas emulating a HDD would be the solution (qobuz in - HDD out). Naive?

I’ve got Bubble UPnP Server running on a Raspberry Pi4. It provides Qobuz to my 3 legacy devices (NDS, Uniti and UnitiQute 2) as well as transcoding to .WAV

Control is Bubble UPnP running on my phone. Only thing I miss is not being able to pause a track, it will only resume from the beginning of the track.



My nd5 died and realized it’s worth less than it would cost to ship it out to get a repair estimate. Seriously. I’m now using a modern dCS streamer with Roon and I can’t imagine going back to an old Naim streamer. Trade in value of my completely functional NDX is about $0 btw.

If I were on a budget, I’d buy a Lumin U1 mini streamer to feed the nd5. Actually… I’d sell the nd5 and buy a used Berkeley Alpha dac with mqa.

The old Naim streamers were great but now they’re just hopelessly outdated. In two years nobody will be streaming via local files and that was the strength of the original platform.

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I got a lumin u1 mini for $1,800. It’s a great value and a better streamer than the nd5. Since Naim neglected to provide usb out from the new streamers I wouldn’t buy one. Based on posts on this forum, the Bartok is better than ndx2+555 which is > $20k.

A huge sweeping generalisation. And most likely incorrect.

I spent an some time this afternoon listening to Qobuz streaming on my ND5XS.

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You can’t deny the facts. When diehards like us have died out, sales of CDs and downloads will fizzle out. I wouldn’t be surprised if the next generation of Naim servers didn’t include a ripper.


This probably includes millions of Spotify/mobile users rather than from a hifi perspective.

I’ve got stuff on LP that isn’t available on CD let alone streaming. Others have expressed that they have hundreds of CDs that are nowhere to be seen on Tidal/Qobuz.