Let Them Be

I was 17 when they split up. One of them has been dead for 44 years, the other for more than twenty. The remaining two are in their early eighties.
Please no more of any of them! Let’s keep a joyous memory of that unique, vitalizing, radical, seminal time.

No reissues anymore please, no re-masters, no special editions, no boxes no films no new footage no video games about them and no AI especially. No fake new songs! There can’t, and won’t, be anything like that anymore.

Stop resuscitating them please. The dream was over in 1970 and the world is such a horrible, dangerous mess now that they don’t deserve being included in it.

Isn’t it time that silence finally comes on them?



Whole heartedly agree :+1:

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there will always be interest - but please please please no more barrel-scraping releases. they chose what they wanted to release
as max says - let them be


Surely every re-release is a revenue earner but equally it introduces younger generations to the genius.

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I’m still here.


I was born in 1970. The dream is still alive. I can’t get enough of The Fabs.

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True. But younger generations have the original albums and several 45s and EPs. And in all sincerity, I find Giles Martin’s remasters a wonderful technical achievement but to hear every detail so more clearly is also a bit disquieting.
It was perfect as it was for us when it was so imperfect…


Musically I agree, but I think that the assembly/renovation of old film footage to make the Get Back documentary film a couple of years ago is somewhat different and was very worthwhile.

I actually think most remastering of old music would be better not done, with the exception only of improvements to sound quality - remixing in my experience usually spoils things, and to me is invalid unless done by the original artists (meaning in unison or at least the bulk of a band not just a sole member).

Still making new music, not regurgitating endless re issues.

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I wish they wouldn’t keep allowing youngsters like you on this forum…


Agree with your comments on the state of the world now.

We need the Beatles back to change it for a second time!

There’s a whole host of old bands I’d wish would go away before The Beatles

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Nobody’s forcing you to buy any of this stuff, or even to listen to it Max. Why should those who do want to buy/listen to remixes be deprived of the opportunity to do so?

Personally I could do without the “new” songs recreated from old Lennon demos, but I’m all for releasing more stuff from the period in which they were active.


Surely the Strolling Old Bones have done plenty of reissues.

As far as Let It Be goes I was always glad they released the Naked version.


I was too. A good idea from Paul McC.

It was of course a semi rhetoric plea… And only partly serious. For sure, I have no such power as to be able to make infinite releases disappear; if I had, there wouldn’t be any and I would not be writing now. May anyone be happy the way they want. I’m more than happy to be where I am. And by the way, I think that Free As A Bird is a great song with a great production. When my oldest, dearest friend died in 2008 I had it played at his cremation along with Across The Universe, his favorite. Just those two.

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a bit late now to “let them be” - after 54 years of not.