Let's raise an article for help, then don't respond!

GM - I sincerely don’t believe either truly applies. Very observant imho.

First, I think there is a tendency from time to time, for new threads to be created, w/o regard to what has gone before - the desire for an instant answer, which may explain why no follow up. How many Qobuz threads were started at the end of last year?
Second, there is undoubtedly a reluctance to use the search facility. I seem to think that even our esteemed member from the Pleuronectidae family, doesn’t so often nowadays, suggest the search function - too often the wise suggestion hasn’t reached its mark!
Third, for some op, the responses don’t endorse what they wish to have endorsed. Example - ‘my network works fine - just the app doesn’t work’. Really…the iOS app works just fine here with several gens of streamer, across two buildings, but then I was installing cat5 > 20 years ago, with back haul WAPs in addition. I am selective in which posts to which I respond. Credit to those who are frequent posters. Over the years, regrettably some who posted intelligently, have stepped back.
As others have commented, give of your best, as time permits, in the knowledge that many readers besides the op of the thread(s) in question, will read, absorb and silently appreciate your contributions and many others, to this informative forum.


@IanRobertM - RW is the G-O-G - great music though. Lucky enough to have seen him in concert, in a variety of venues, large and small; great musician imho.

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Unexpected taxonomic reference made me chuckle 8)

That made me laugh :grinning::rofl:
He’s right though the search function is rarely used and can often save time for the person needing to know which cable direction or such-like.

As I have… With his full band - and solo.

I have tickets for his band show at Symphony Hall, Brimingham, next week… :smiley:

The search function can throw up lots of good stuff. I wrote at length about my experiments with vinyl in other posts to people thinking about it, and certainly can’t be bothered to write the same thing again. I’m sure that the responses people get depend partly on the opening post and subsequent engagement. If people don’t give decent context - system, budget, aspirations etc - and then don’t respond, it’s no surprise that people are less giving of their time and advice.

I certainly don’t seek or expect gratitude, but it’s good to get some sort of response, at least to know if suggestions have worked. I ask for advice very rarely but when I do I’m really careful to give thanks and feedback where it’s due. It just seems the right thing to do.

I suspect some people think the forum is some sort of official thing and that the members are paid employees, rather than fellow owners giving their time to try to be helpful.


If only. Quite the opposite in fact. This Forum has cost me loads over the years since joining in upgrades. Absolutely no regrets though.


Yes you are a GOG and no, you are not alone.

Happens in forums all the time. As do contributors pushing back against experiences and information they don’t want to hear, or topic starters who instruct people with other opinions/experiences not to contribute.

Human nature, nothing else. Bloody rude but that’s people for you.

I don’t follow over forums, or FB, so that’s interesting.

probably a minority opinion here, but imho you dont owe the OP anything and the OP does not owe you anything. we choose to offer requested advice or not. the OP chooses to either take our advice or not.

maybe they fixed the problem on their own, or bought a replacement piece. or got quicker advice from another forum or their wife. sure going back on and thanking everyone for the advice is nice and the right thing to do. but it seems disingenuous to offer “free” advice but then expect to be compensated for it (with a thank you).

it’s just nice to say ‘thanks’

that’s all


Thank You for that!

I agree. It makes a forum more conversational. It’s also just plain polite.

The ‘like’ button can be similar, I think (I know some members don’t/won’t use them and would no doubt prefer if the Forum didn’t have them - although it would be interesting to have receiving ‘likes’ as an option when posting rather than responding. How many would turn it off…)

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Had to check back to my thread where I asked for advice. Thank goodness I replied and thanked people. Would have been on the naughty step otherwise :grinning:

I did the same! You’d never hear the end of it if you didn’t… :grinning:

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I agree, plus it’s nice to know if their query and / or issue got resolved.

Part of the learning curve for all of us.


And here is Rick! Performing locally last week

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You’ve clearly not worked in support then. I deal with demands for urgent help constantly by customers that then go silent.


With the full English Rock Ensemble. Doing Journey…?

I am going to the Birmingham gig… :smiley:

That’s a very minimalist rig… by Rick’s standard. Last time I saw him with his band, he had at least 10 different keyboards, in 4 ‘stacks’, with 2 Mini Moog’s perched to top & between 2 of the stacks.

Something similar to this -


This however, appears to be just 2 Korg Nautilus. All possible with racks & MIDI…!!

He did post a while back, that he had a lot of keyboards stolen. Perhaps this is the result. Modernise and minimize…?