LFD Audio cables with CB Naim

I have a set of 3,5 meter LFD Hybrid Ribbon speaker cables. Does anybody know if they will work well with CB Naim pomeramps?



I don’t know about CB gear, but I’ve used those cables successfully with UQ1 , NAP 100 and 250DR. No apparent electrical issues, very nice sound.

The cables are very good, but I dont think that impedance and inductance is an issue with the newer electronics?

I’m not an expert in this area. I’ve heard that the UQ and probably the 100 are less fussy for cable matching, but that the 250.2 and presumably its DR version retain the traditional requirements of CB and olive amps. Just the other day I ran my 250DR with the LFD cables driving the small, relatively inefficient Harbeth P3, with excellent results.

Can you just try them yourself? Plug them in, and see …
Everyone would hear different, and also how those cables sound depends on the context of your system, your env.

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Yes, and I will. But if they dont match electrically, do I risk them damaging the amp?

You might try asking the manufacturer for some info about the cables, in particular the inductance and capacitance figures. If they are very different from the specs of Naim cable, they are probably not ideal for your amp:

The cables that cause the most trouble tend to be Litz type. If they’re a really bad match the amp will run hot, and sound off.
The other option is to ask your Naim dealer if you can borrow some NACA5 and compare it.

Thanks for your replies.
I guess I’ll just have to try different cables to see what sound best.

LFD is a highly respected boutique HIFI maker in England, and people having using LFD speaker cables for a fair number of years, including with Naim amps.

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