Lidl Mini Kamado BBQ

It,s that time again everyone. I thought i would post for those that missed this offer last year. It is £79.99 from thursday 21st May…next week. For those of us who bought one last year, they are great to use and a real bargain. Perhaps a bit small for a large family, but for me and the wife ideal.


Stampede upcoming! :grin:

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Yes, wife will pick another one up, if she sees it👍

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Or could we interest the good sir with the apple press for making your own cider £39.99…just saying, on offer same week?..Hic!

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I’ve just had a look, and, maybe, just maybe.

I’m still stuck in the self-isolation thingy, which will make joining the rush for another Kamado or the apple press a wee bit tricky, since Lidl don’t seem to accept payment either online or over the phone.

I’ll try and cajole one of my daughters to see if they can pick one, or both, up.

I’m also keeping an eye on Aldi, to see if their full size Kamado is likely to make a reappearance.

Just not enough hours in the day, here at Chez Dave. :roll_eyes:

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For those who already have one:

Do you light charcoal in the bowl or say in a chimney starter - seems to take ages to light even with the lid open.

In this picture the top vent slides to the side - I’ve never done that just turned the dial on top. Wondering if you slide it to increase air flow?

Screen Shot 2020-05-16 at 12.27.52

I have the lid open with fire lighters and charcoal, vents open. When its caught nicely after 25 minutes or so…lid down. Bring the ceramic up-to temperature…then cook.

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There you go then, we’re each doing things slightly differently.

I plonk the lumpwood charcoal in, together with a couple of those lovely non-impregnated wood shavings “ball” thingies, and once they’re lit, close the lid, and slide both the top and bottom vents open all the way.

Once things are up to temperature, regulate using the vents, usually with the bottom open a couple of inches, and the top one nearly closed, using the rotation to fine tune things.

This seems to work fine here, but I’m not for a moment suggesting that this is the best way, 'cos just like hi-fi, there is no “best”, just whatever works for you. :grin:

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Interestingly, I’ve never swung the top vent out as in the pic above - certainly might make a difference to air flow I think. Maybe a case of not realising I could once installed or not RTM.

Maybe it’s the charcoal (Big K ‘pemium’), but as soon as I put the lid down the coals die right back normally even with the vent disk open, maybe they should but gets very smokey and fat from food virtually extinguishes the coal - maybe opening the vent as shown will allow me to bring the coal temp up further with the lid closed.

Yes I use those wood shaving things too, same ones I use for the log burner.

When you mention top vents fully open do you mean slid out as in pic above or closed with the ‘dial’ vents open?

How much charcoal too?

It’s a small charcoal box so I’m only putting a small layer as if built up I’m sure it would burn food unless air flow at a minimum?

Just another thought.

Once you’re finished cooking, close both vents completely, and the coals will self extinguish, having been starved of oxygen, (assuming the felt seal round the bottom half is doing it’s job).

When you come back to it, there’s often quite a fair bit of usable charcoal still there for next time, so just rake through it to allow the ash to fall into the bottom of the egg. :+1:

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Yes, I have it slid to one side, or all the way open, if you like.

As for the charcoal, probably about halfway up the height of the ceramic basket.

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I light it…but the wife takes over, she is a school cook…burnt food not acceptable. I just badly supervise and supply wine refreshments😁


Tough job, but someone has to do it, as they say. :partying_face: :partying_face:


Heaven knows why, but I never realised once I’d put it together that you could slide that top vent !


So sat here typing with that vent open I’ve virtually creamted today’s sausages!!!

Time for Gazza’s solution - polish off last night’s vino and open another bottle and advise Mrs AC to attend to cooking.


:+1: :+1:

Made oi larf. :joy:

Right here’s another little thing.

Now that I’ve swung that top vent out, every time I lift the lid it swings open fully (again had not noticed hence too much heat), I think I need to twist that top turret 180 degrees so it doesn’t - maybe this is why I screwed it down so tightly initially!

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Yep, that’ll sort it … though it took me several times using the Kamado before I managed to work that out, so you’re ahead of the game already.

Or, I’m just a bit thick. :frowning_face:

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Err…she helped me assemble it…too dangerous to be left alone, never read the instructions😁

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