Linn Krane tonearm announced

I think the name is cool in a certain way and that the design grows on us. Hopefully it is affordable for mortals like me.

Look like the OEM aluminium version is £1200 and there is a carbon version for £1400.

Clearaudio Satisfy AluminiumTonearm


Designed for use with a wide range of turntables and cartridges, the award-winning Satisfy incorporates a range of features normally associated with some of the very best tonearms.


  • The two-piece aluminium headshell with adjustable azimuth allows the accurate alignment of any cartridge type.
  • The vertical bearing uses a shaft made of wolfram, the polished ends of which run in sapphire watch bearings.
  • The twin horizontal bearings use extremely precise and long-life ceramic bearings.
  • Anti-skating control is applied by an innovative magnetic system that acts on the side of the bearing housing.
  • An unbroken run of Clearaudio’s own Direct Wire cable provides a continuous link without solder connections from the cartridge to phono plugs.
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Looks cool, but it’s just not black*!*

Having binge-watched too much Cobra Kai recently, I thought it may have been a retro reference to Karate Kid - there’s enough K’s there to make me wonder!


When I first saw it I was taken aback by its, ahem, visual presence, but the more I look at this unusual combination the more I like it!

Agree, it’s perhaps not the prettiest tonearm ever designed and certainly not as clean a design as something like an Ittok, and certainly no where near as pretty as a Rega RB3000, but I do like that fact that it’s different to what’s gone before and it does have a certain brutal industrial purposefulness about it.

Would have been interesting to see something a little more exotic on the next Majik, perhaps a Kuzma Stogi (again, not pretty), as I find their designs interesting, but I think their arms are too heavy for a Linn (may be wrong about this).

What other arms could work at Majik level I wonder?

If I was going to put a Clearaudio arm on a LP12 I’d be looking more towards a Tracer. Better yet, the Universal in black! Although I suppose the Universal might be too tall to work on a Linn. The Satisfy is a damn good arm for an entry level in any case.


Why did the Majik arm stop production after a year? Best Edward

It was made by Jelco and they decided to cease production and closed their business.


tonearm by clearaudio , cartridge by goldring how long before they out source LP12 production

In the Naim turntable thread, there was discussion about outsourcing (and iirc I mentioned ClearAudio was already in this game for others). Not totally a surprise here, given the number of non-Linn arms that have been popular on the LP12 over the many generations.

Design aesthetics are often polarizing, I get that… count me in the “like” camp.

Here’s the black version, as seen on my Concept Active… iPhone pictures, but not just rotated and with skewed perspective…

The head shell / mount is nice and rigid, albeit in two pieces. The counterweight fits snugly but is straightforward to adjust. Mine came pre-set, with cartridge mounted, so I cannot comment on the height or anti skate adjustments: they were already spot on and I didn’t touch them.

I’m very much liking the turntable, entry level in the ClearAudio line up. It was a very good package deal, on a lovely machine. I assume the modified version that will become the entry level arm for the LP12 will equally do credit to both companies and I hope anyone who buys one enjoys their new machine as much as I’m enjoying mine.

Regards alan


Surely the final arbiter is how the thing sounds…? Yes it helps if it looks “right”. …but it’s there to play vinyl, and play it well! Anyone who invests in an LP12 surely does so driven by the desire for great sound from their records. As an aside, I recently replaced by 1981 model LP12 with a new Akurate, but kept the Ittok (and Krystal) as I believe my Ittok to be better than most arms other than Ekos I feel fully vindicated y the improvement in authority weight and scale, timing and resolution that the Akurate motor unit has brought to my vinyl replay :blush:


Any updates on price now it’s November or has lockdown put it back a month??

I agree. Not a match with an LP12 at all!

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