Linn Krystal tracking weight

Just upped it from dealer set 1.7g to 1.8g and it seems considerably less muddled and more assured. Decades ago I always used to experiment with other cartridges, less so in recent years, why I wonder?

If you have one what do you use?

Old black plinth LP12 with originsl Ekos, Trampolinn (2?), Kore/Karousel/cheapie PSU.

1.75 - according to my Chinese tonearm scale. No idea how accurate the scale is. I never tried to change the force but it sounds ‘right’.

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1.78 is what I used.

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It may be that, as the stylus and suspension wear, the optimal tracking weight changes. I recall making similar changes in the past. I can’t remember the details, but the changes were small.

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1.82g for mine on a RB3000 and Gyro SE. This is how it was set. Cant see or hear any reason to change it.

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I’ve changed to a Dynavector TKR now, but I ran my Krystal at roughly 1.75g. If I couldn’t be bothered to fine tune it exactly, I’d err slightly on the heavier side; maybe 1.77/1.78. It seemed to me a preferable result than running any lighter than 1.75.


In hindsight I wish I’d got a Dynavector XX-2 rather than the Krystal but it is what it is.

The TKR looks quite inspiring.

1.9g but then I do use an Aro, which always seems to require that little bit more. I do find the Krystal has a very specific sweet zone. 0.2g either way and it can sound pretty average. When it’s singing it really is singing!

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I moved from having two XX-2s (one after the other, mind) to a TKR. It is utterly magnificent in my ARO - they could have been made for each other, both black-ish and rather skeletal.

I’m planning to give it a proper work-out soon with the brand new vinyl remasterings of the first two operas from Georg Solti’s ‘Ring’, which Decca have just re-re-re-re-released.

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Linn always (used to) contract out the manufacture of their cartridges, often to Goldring. Who makes the Krystal?

Out of interest are those still available in the UK?

I have the older version on a Qobuz download.

Decca US (I assume) has some interesting accessories including these ‘slipmats’ - would quite like a few of those:

If you mean the Decca LPs, yes, the Solti ‘Rheingold’ 3LP set was released a couple of months ago, and "Die Walkūre’ should be released very soon.

If you’re referring to ‘slipmats’,I can’t help, as I don’t know what they are.

Yes, the Decca LPs.

A quick search earlier and I was turning up sites that seemed to be largely outside UK.

The ‘slipmats’ are felt turntable mats, they were on a ‘Decca’ site so I assume a novelty official accessory.

Thanks, I had never heard of such a thing. I shall stick with my Herbies Mat, although I know that our esteemed Moderator thinks that I’m messing up the sonics!

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There is a thread here about these remasterings, goes back a couple of months. Solti Ring remastered again

Siegfried was released a couple of days ago and Gotterdammerung is due on 30 June. Rheingold and Walkure were released a few weeks ago.

I listened to some of Siegfried in 96/24 high res on Qobuz yesterday. It sounds great to me.

You can buy direct from Decca in the UK, but the obvious other source is Presto Classical which has the SACDs, the vinyl and hi res downloads.

I won’t link to it as it is a commercial Decca site, but if you go to www dot soltiring dot com then you can see all about it. And you can buy the slipmats from Decca there if you want.

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Thank you very much David.

I vaguely recall that thread, thanks for reminding me and for the link suggestions.

I really think those felt mats are fantastic visually if they are original accessories. Who knows they might even sound better than 30+ year old LP12 mat!

I think I’d have to opt for the cheeky one first to test it!

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Thanks to all for posting - looks as though virtually everyone is tracking above 1.7g.

The Krystal being a bit ‘nude’ I think I may have underestimated tracking force thinking it’s delicate when in reality a little more weight might prevent it ‘flapping in the breeze’!

Had to check, mine is at ~1.63g according to the markings on my Linn arm. Adjusted by ear some years ago…
I have no idea if the markings are anything to go by?

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Is your arm balance correct ? It should float perfectly horizontal with the VTF and bias set to zero.

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The Krystal is built by Goldring. Linn’s earliest MC cartridges (Asak through Troika) were built by Supex, the Arkiv & Akiva by Scan-Tech / Lyra.

More recently, the Ekstatik & Kendo are built by EMT. There’s also a new budget MC, the Koil, but I don’t have any info on that.