Linn LP12 Servicing


I have carried out a search on this forum but I am unable to locate anything specific about servicing the Linn LP12.

  1. How often, on average, do you Linn LP12 owners have your LP12 serviced?
  2. What is the average cost?
  3. Do you take/send it to the dealer or do they come to you?
  4. Is it a faff?

I am interested as I am thinking of auditioning one, however I want to have an understanding of the costs of ownership.

Thank you.

  1. Not often - 10 years + for me. Any service usually combined with upgrades.
  2. Maybe £80…? if just a ‘service’ or reset.
  3. Take to dealer, which is not far.
  4. No.

The cost of ownership of an LP 12 is negligible in my view… :neutral_face:

The cost acquisition is (*) not… :open_mouth:

But… YMMV…

[* - maybe starting around £1500…? For a Built From Parts version, which several UK Linn dealers offer.]


Same here. Usually to change worn MC cartridge and/or upgrade.

I haven’t had to pay for a service (other than parts such as a new belt) though I do let the dealer keep any usable old parts.

Not a faff, but make sure you package it correctly. Last time I didn’t do it quite right and nearly wrecked a usable cartridge. There are detailed packaging instructions on the Cymbiosis website.

I take it to and from the dealer as I don’t trust couriers. Essentially plug and play when I get home.


@Ravvie - Perfectly explained.

Certainly packing with care is recommended.

  • Zero tracking force & remove the counterweight from the arm (*)
  • Secure the arm (using string, tape or similar).
  • Remove the outer platter & belt. Place in the Linn packing.
  • Lift the inner platter slightly and slide a packing piece (**) under it.
  • Carefully place the rest of the LP12 into the Linn box.
  • Put the other parts in the Linn box (you do not neede the lid or hinges).
  • Put whole box in your car (some say it should go inside - YMMV).
  • Drive (with care) to your Linn Dealer.

You did keep your Linn box… :thinking:

(* - assuming a Linn Ittok or similar)
(** - this can be made out of either cardboard or polystyrene, in a U-shape, about 10 to 15mm thick.)

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Edit - place packers* under the inner platter to ensure suspension movement is restrained i.e. lift the inner platter slightly and feed a couple of thin paperback books* under and release.

Or cut a U-shape to suit from cardboard/polystyrene sheet.

The weight of the inner platter should be enough to restrict suspension movement.


Yes, sorry. Forgot that.

I have a packing piece ‘custom’ hacked out of polystyrene in my LP12’s box… :neutral_face:

Hi @IanRobertM

Thank you for the information.
I could live with every 10 years.
Next job is to have a home audition to see if it is to my musical taste.


Hi @Ravvie

Thank you for responding.
So, you only have your LP12 serviced circa every 10 years too?

Hi @HappyListener

It is good of you to respond.
How often do you have your LP12 serviced?

Yes about every 10 years, maybe a little less.

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Never had my LP12 serviced. When it’s been in for a new cartridge/arm/power supply/bearing the dealer seems to do what’s required and off we go again. I did have my Ekos serviced by Linn & my Lingo 1 by Class A after 30 odd years. They were probably ready :grinning: HiFi really doesn’t have to be complicated.


Hi Roger,

I subscribe to the view that once set up, you should get several years before more attentions/checks are required, and like a lot of kit, it’s best used and not left to sit there ‘unloved’. In my case, and I suspect others, I’ve had various upgrades over the years which have meant trips to the dealer - and they are very easy to pack and move – mine sits in the passenger seat easily/goes in the rear car seats – I avoid the rear hatch/boot due to bouncing (lots of humps down my way).

I suppose the question is, what’s the basis/drivers of your attraction to an LP12, as there other easier ‘plug and play’ TTs to be had.

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Hi :slightly_smiling_face:
I’m a little shocked to read here about the long intervals that some people have in having their LP12 serviced.

:diamonds:Hifi IS complicated,.if you want the best possible soundquality all the time.

If you have the previous steel sub-chassis,.I serviced my LP12 about every 12-15 months.
AND YES,.there was a clearly audible difference in the musical presentation.
If you have a Keel sub-chassis,.about every three-four years.

I had a LP13 from 1986 to 2023.

It had never been serviced on its own, so to speak.

It got serviced as and when upgrades were made at Cymbiosis.

It’s truly an excellent piece of engineering. Very stable once set up and as others have advised, the service intervals can be quite long.

If it needs constant tweaking or servicing, then it may not have been set up correctly in the first place.

Get one from a good dealer and enjoy it for many years, then worry about upgrades and servicing much later on.

Enjoy your music.



Like most turntables, the LP12 requires no additional maintenance. The suspension remains perfectly stable, unless the turntable is moved with the weight of the platter, which must be removed and the axle protected if the LP12 is moved. Clean the motor pulley and belt with a damp cloth once or twice a year, and change the belt after 5/7 years. Silent blocks and springs 10/15 years.

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A further thing to remember, is how the LP12 has changed over the years. Particularly its Springs & Sub-Chassis.

I believe the Black Springs were introduced as being more stable than the bare metal ones prior to. I think we can wager that the modern Sub-Chassis (of whatever style) is likely more stable than, say, the spot welded early version or even the glued one which followed.

If you want to understand more, you might start here -

LP12 History

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I bought my LP12 brand new from a dealer in Swiss Cottage 40 years ago. It’s been to various dealers for occasional upgrades and tone arm changes over the years. They may have done some nominal service while it was with them, such as changing the belt and replacing the oil.

For the first few years of ownership the setup of the suspension on my LP12 would slowly drift with a corresponding, albeit fairly gradual, reduction in SQ. For me, this was a bit of a nuisance but since I was upgrading my LP12 about once every 12-18 months the suspension was reset at roughly the same interval.

However, at some point, they changed some components related to the suspension (chassis, springs ??). This change made my LP12’s suspension much more stable once it was initially setup correctly. It did get setup about a years ago and if there is any drift it is so small I cannot detect it.

In my opinion, the real cost of LP12 ownership comes with getting on the Linn upgrade path (the younger version of me pleads guilty :grinning:)


Black Springs, is my guess…


Like others, I tend to only get mine serviced at stylus changes or upgrades.

Talking of which…I think my Kandid may be due a check up. Gulp.

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It really doesn’t have to be complicated. If you want to fiddle/spend time doing comparisons of one accessory with another, trying to ring the last ounce of SQ out of the hifi that’s fine but I feel it’s really not necessary. Linn & Naim provide everything needed to make great music with their equipment. And that’s why I have a half decent hifi. To play music not to play comparisons.

I’ve also found over the years that any improvement - the most recent being Karousel - quickly becomes the norm & the previous sound is forgotten and normal service is resumed.