Linn platter

Hello, first of all I really appreciate any help or advice, I have a issue regarding a new build Lp12 turntable, the inner platter is around 1 mm lower than the outer platter, this is with a karousel bearing, my original turntable platters were level, I have contacted the dealer for suggestions or reasons why but could anybody with a reasonably current turntable let me know if indeed this is incorrect, it seems odd that the last part of the record isn’t supported, hope you can advise.regards and thank you.Neil.

Can you post some photos?

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I purchased all new genuine linn parts over last several months and had Moorgate build, this was a completely new bearing and platter, seems odd that my old turntable was flush. Regards Neil.

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Mines the same. New Karosel and older outer platter. Nothing to worry about

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Wonder if it’s the karousel inner platter if yours is same.

This is mine. New turntable in Feb 21 with Karousel bearing. Never gave it a second thought.

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Exactly the same. More then likely it’s the karousel platter that’s machined slightly different to the circus.

Ooops… Apologies…!
Just checked mine (Cirkus inner/original outer) - and I also have a slight step, with the outer being higher. About 0,5mm, in my case (checked using a 0,5mm guitar neck shim).

I wouldn’t be concerned… :crazy_face:

Hi I forgot to mention I had my 250, 82 and hicap serviced at the same time, Darren from class A found that the 250 had been previously modified with non genuine parts I’m happy to report it all back to manufacture specs, that’s probably why the 250 was not night and day better than the serviced 180, it’s not yet put back into service as I want to be absolutely sure it’s all 100%.


I really appreciate all your help, feeling a lot more relaxed about it now thanks again, it just seemed strange that the last part of the vinyl isn’t supported.

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Don’t forget the Label on the LP is a bit thicker…

Perhaps its intentional, giving some where for the label to go, resulting in better support for the playing surface…??


I was just about to say the same thing :smile:


@Neil1956 Did you find a pair of PMC GB1i

Yes I found a nice pair of gb1 s in oak, just thinking of upgrading to the series five 23 speakers, perhaps I should stop thinking. :thinking:

Hi yes I did think about the label thickness just thought 1 mm is a little excessive, it leaves the inner part of the record unsupported, only time and Linn technical will tell.

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Actually the speakers are gb1 not the i variant

On mine, its definitely not 1,0 mm - about 0,5mm is my estimate.

Perhaps @Cymbiosis could comment on this…?

Hi yes .5mm I can understand to allow for the label, with the felt matt on virtually unnoticeable but 1 mm is quite apparent even through the Matt, will call Linn up early next week :crossed_fingers:

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I got a very quick response from Linn, via email, on another matter (when my Lingo 1 was made, from its Ser No)… :thinking: