Linn T-Kable BNC

I’m wondering if it is possible to fit BNCs to a Linn T-Kable. I can’t see any pre-made ones and I assume there is no demand or it’s not possible.

Naim, uniquely, used to use BNC connectors on their analogue phono inputs as well.

The Solstice is their first high end phono product for many years to only have RCA connectors.

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“ While the 50 ohm BNC is the ideal plug for the SuperLine, the T-Kable on my LP12 was too large to fit it. It’s possible to get a bigger BNC, but the resistance is different, and so it’s not a recommended solution.”


Thanks Adam. I had a feeling that there would be an issue :frowning:

So I’d have to get Darran (Class A) to replace the BNCs for RCAs on my 82 if I was to go down this route. My cable is the original Ittok one, would the Majik one be an uplift?

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