Lip Sync Adjustment?

Im having lip sync issues with uniti star and samsung tv , i read somwhere that there is an adjust ment for this via the naim app, i cant find it anywhere can anyone advise how to access this please

You can adjust it via the sound menu on your TV.

Have a look at this thread, might be an answer in due course.

Hi yes ive tried that and it makes no difference what so ever

I’ve been going through the menus on my Nova, which should have very very similar menus to your Star, and I found no lip-synch adjustments in there. I’m pretty sure I used the adjustment on the TV menu but that was years ago. Sorry, that was my best shot for you.

I suggest you try taking the optical out from your TV into your Naim. This may make a difference - worth a try anyway,.

Just checked my Samsung TV settings and Audio Delay is set to 90. As PJL says above, I’m using optical out from TV to some mini DAC and rca to din into the back of my 52. No lip-synch problems here.

We have Muso2 on the end of a LG OLED, all issues vanished when we connected with an optical cable.
Good luck

Doesn’t work either

There appear to be two virtually identical threads here and you are the OP from the other one! No matter it all amounts to the same thing!

Assuming you have checked the TV menus and you are satisfied that you have disabled all picture processing modes such as motion smoothing etc. and you have all the sound settings configured correctly then you have three options as I see it.

Take an analogue output from the TV’s headphone socket to the Unit Star’s RCA analogue input. This is not ideal but it will work and at least you will get TV sound through your hi-fi. This assuming that the sound is in sync when playing through the TV speakers!

Assuming the issue is related to the Naim’s digital input rather than the TV’s digital output your other options are to purchase a suitable DAC and take its analogue out into your Naim or to abandon the idea and use a soundbar.

It’s odd that the optical solution still has an issue. This seems to me to imply an issue with your TV rather than anything else.

I use the optical out from my Sony TV into my Chord Qutest DAC and Moon amp without any issues. When I first connected up my Sony Blu ray player I initially used the HDMI into the TV for picture only. I took a digital coaxial feed from the Blu ray player into my DAC for sound as this presented the shortest signal path. It worked fine on DVD’s but strangely all Blu rays had a small but annoying lip-sync error. The solution was to use the HDMI connection for both picture and sound and take the optical out from the TV into the DAC. Perfect lip sync with all discs. Very strange - but there you are.

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Most lip sync audio settings use delay. I often had issues needing the sound before the image.
Getting the shortest and simplest method of getting both using good quality cables helps especially if in complex AV setups, and as has @Richard.Dane suggested trying to minimise image processing.
My brain would boggle trying to determine lip sync. My hack was to turn up the tv speakers along with the hifi system speakers and adjust until they both sounded dry together with no reverb and echo.

Input settings

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I alway had a big problem getting lip sync with the radio,

Thats great thank you very much :grinning:

Indeed. Despite decades of experimentation with the various knobs and buttons I’ve never yet been able to obtain a decent picture on any radio I’ve ever used. Guess I’m just unlucky. :frowning_face:

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