List of speakers heard with Nait / Nait 2

Please can you describe their attributes with Nait/Nait 2 so that I can add them to the first post.

Only heard them via phone clips but I like what they do.

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I think the Guru Junior has some similar elements that Kans have, timing, rhythm, reasonable imaging, and a great illusion of decent bass, especially for such a diminutive cabinet. Maybe they even out-Kan the Kan overall. While maybe not the ultimate in detail, still just a very fun and enjoyable listen, hard to go wrong with them. Fairly easy to set up, hard against the walls behind them, play with toe-in/out, adjust to your liking. Enjoy!

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Added - thanks!

Nait2 with Intro2 sounds superb too.
Add a top source and fly far away in music world! :grinning:

I had Guru Juniors with my Nait 2 CB until very recently and I have to concur with @Frazeur1’s comments - spot on! A real boogie speaker that just makes you smile.

I now have Spendor Classic 4/5 with my Nait 2. Small speakers like the ProAc Tab 10. The Spendors are easier to drive than the ProAcs (brief stay). Surprising amount of tight bass for the size, very natural sound and good articulation. A good buy!


The Ruark Sabres

, also had them with an LP12 - lovely speakers. As I’ve said elsewhere on this forum, I bought them on the spot - unheard and they lived up to exactly what I hoped they would sound like.

Started with a Nait 3 and just converted into pre-amp, added Flatcap and then power amp.

The tuner from those days still is in the rack now


Nice. IIRC the Sabres were a development of the Diesis Solitaire. I loved the Solitaires (which coincidentally work very nicely with a NAIT 2), and their cabinets paid nice homage to the fluted plinth of the Linn Sondek.

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A marriage made in heaven, the thing about of expensive hobby is that sometimes we don’t realise , just how good things are or were .

My two biggest mistakes were letting the LP12 and Sabres go

I loved the Solitaire speakers also. I gave mine to my nephew many years ago, along with an Ion Systems Obelisk 3X amplifier. They still sound great.

A brilliant amp too! Much the best of the Ion Systems integrated amps (OK, it was two boxes with the X-Pak supply), I still have one here.

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As my Supernait 3 is headed back for a fix, I moved the Nait 1 to the main system. Sounds better than I expected with the Graham LS5/8s. Incredible how good this little amp sounds in this system.

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Just a reminder folks - if you include some detail about how they sound then I’ll add them to the list in the first post. Tx



Really enjoyed reading this thread and a very helpful resource for people to revert back to.

What would also be a very interesting and useful topic would be a thread on Naits and Supernaits listing there individual virtues and characteristics and how popular each individual model is and why.

I can’t be the only person who gets a little confused when looking at the wide range of Nait and Supernait models.

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Tend to agree Yorkshireman

For me there are 2 standouts

(1) NAIT 2 - absolutely superb, despite low power can drive many speakers, currently listening with nSats speakers, lovely open midrange , what a combo. Even at current prices still a bargain for SQ, get a serviced one and will go for many years

(2) SUPERNAIT 3 - a bargain at the price for a top integrated , Salisbury got it right with this one, fast, delivers music as it should, slight loss of detail compared to separate pre/power combos but who cares, it’s a fun amp


There were a few old threads scattered around but it was hard to piece them all together so glad you’ve found it useful.

I’m sure you’d get plenty of contributions if you start a Nait thread like that. There are quite a few of them now. You can find a list here:

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Google ‘Naitology’ to see a review/comparison of James’ (Tomtom Audio) early Naits.

Here also Nait 2 Owners


Agree, a post dedicated to all the Naits and their respective pros, cons and idiosyncrasies would be very helpful. Personal experience limited to owning just the Nait 2 and 3 so far. Despite the sonic gains associated with multiple boxes, there is something appealing about a well sorted integrated and keeping a system simple.

There must be someone who’s owned the full Nait set!


I can attest to how the Nait 2 and Neat Ekstra’s work well together, although the Ekstra’s are’n’t a particularly easy speaker to drive.

The Ekstra’s are a very good all round speaker with a good frequency range and a smooth ribbon tweeter that work well with all genres of music including classical and Baroque.

Currently listening to: Vivaldi Cello Concertos - Jonathan Cohen - The Kings Consort - Robert King - Hyperion CDA67553

My little test rig of an Olive Nait 2 - Ekstra’s and an old Technics SL-XP 490 Walkman CD player.



Love the top pic in particular.

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