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Hi All

This is not going to be all encompassing but someone was asking how many Chrome Bumper Nait 2s are out there given their brief production run (1 year or there abouts).

Also interested in how many Olives are out there in proportion to the CB. I have split the Olive vote into the MM and CD variants.

Nait 2
  • Chrome Bumper
  • Olive MM
  • Olive CD

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Please add your Nait 2 to the poll if you are an owner.

Many thanks.

Here is mine in stunning mint condition, serviced in July 2020
serial: 49689


Okay, photos too!

My not quite mint but beautiful Nait 2. Serviced in 2009 by Class A.
Serial: 44***


Here’s my Chrome Bumper NAIT2, fully rebuilt by Naim a few years back, seen with one of my original NAITs (a very early one);


I have an Olive and a CB at a different location. Here is the Olive


In 2023, it’ll be 40 years since the Nait was first introduced. If only Naim would produce a limited edition ‘modern’ Shoebox Nait…


My CB Nait 2. Serial no: 45+++. Serviced by ClassA in June 2020, and having a little TLC it has been transformed in the process - such an addictive sounding little box. Agree, Naim, are missing a trick by not having the shoe box Nait in their range.


Condition is ok
Service needed I think

The beauty is fully equipt


Full amp or used as a pre? Is the logo dim or is it just the camera?

Bought 2 months ago and fully serviced by Chris Murphy in Wellington. The LED light was dull so a new original one was fitted. The Nait 2 make the music really swing!


full amp

logo light needs service

I am the second owner
original papers and original packaging existing

I wait for a message from class a to get this amp serviced
this brexit and corona is a pain

A few changes at the back but a nice example. Darran@ClassA will do a lovely job for you.

Crap picture as the Nait 2 is in storage until the new room is complete!

ClassA serviced mid last year.


My second system (in the box :frowning: )

My head system is SN3/HCDR/NDX2


Going by the serial numbers published so far it appears that my Nait 2 is fairly early. The output to the speakers are the wrong way round (the speaker cables do not need to cross each other - checked with the balance knob) which I believe was an issue with the early pcbs. I could be wrong.

Yup, it seems that was the quick fix for an error with the PCB layout.

Makes cabling easier :blush:

Any idea what the serial number of the first Nait 2 was Richard?

CB 47057 ( 1988?) Sitting atop some other CB kit.


49946 was the first Naim unit of 1989, so yes, 1988 (most Chrome Bumpers were manufactured in that year).

The latest CB serial number I’ve ever seen is 51199.

The CB hicap is 50179 1989.