LISTENING EXPERIENCE for linear ps and switches

Just received my MCRU pinnacle linear ps, custom built by MCRU for the Etheregen.
It has a furutech plug, sr orange fuse, gold plated Oyaide dc cable and comes with a Furutech/ MCRU power cord.

I will report soon my impressions, vs the stock ER SMPS, Farad and Uptone lps 1.2.
All EXPERIENCES are welcome, as other switches, clocks for switches…
But hope there will not be comments like “ it should not make difference because theory says that”.


Look forward to your update, looks like you have covered all the bases with plugs, fuses etc…hope it works out👍


Gazza, the plug, fuse…I mentioned, are specs of the MCRU pinnacle ps. It’s sold with that.

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For now, my first impressions: it’s the most softer and nicer presentation of the other ps I had. But can’t say for now for other characteristics, too early.
The Farad was , on hifi terms, better clearly vs the stock SMPS of the ER, with sharper sound, more dynamic, and detailed and clear. But even with a better power cord, and 200 hours burn in, it was still a bit bright on maybe 20% of albums.
The stock SMPS has also a fuller and more organic sound, more to my tastes.
The Uptone lp 1.2 improved a bit still vs the SMPS, with a bit nicer sound. But too marginal to really feel a clear improvement. However more to my taste vs the Farad.

So let’s see if I will keep this MCRU or return it, as the 2 last ps.

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Good,.Really Good…!!

We Need A Thread,.where we can share our “Practical Experiences”,or as you wrote…LISTENING EXPERIENCES,.around this topic.

When the almost record-breaking…
“Ethernet Switch and Cables Mania”-thread was closed,.I and Richard.Dane talked.
He said,.try to make a summary of that thread,and if you want/have the energy,.start a new thread…a Part 2 in this topic.

I’ve started “scrolling” through that thread,.and collecting and compiling material.
But also felt that I wanted to rest and gather energy,.before I started Part 2.
For starting a thread,.then you also have as OP a responsibility for the thread,.and it takes a lot of time and energy from other things.

:small_orange_diamond:So Frenchrooster,.I’m glad you started a form of Part 2…for this topic is important for soundquality.
And that you emphasize that Practical Experience is especially important,.so that we avoid these endless technical (and also “Fully Qualified” :wink:) reasoning.

:small_blue_diamond:Do as @Pete_the_painter in the Ooops-thread.
And @Innocent_Bystander in his Corona-thread,.both are OP’s for these threads.

Put up as OP,.wishes,and make demands for behavior in the thread.
Then work with Richard.Dane,.and make sure this is followed.
Well,.then this will probably be an interesting and exciting thread to follow,.and contribute in.

Good luck,.and Stay safe…


Peder, I agree on a lot of things with you, as you know.
But not on the OP role and attributes.
For me, I just opened a thread, it’s not mine. It belongs to the Naim forum and the rules are already defined.
All I can do is hope that this thread will not turn to vinegar ( french expression: “ tourner au vinaigre “).
I am sure someone, uk here, will give us the english similar expression.


The english expression is ‘turn sour’, obviously not a translation, but the same reaction from the body when tasted.

+1 on the forum rules.

I’m watching with interest as I know someone also with a PSU from LDA (MCRU)

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It’s “will not turn sour”.

Let’s hope it becomes sweet and remains sweet.

And plus one on the Forum Rules


Simon S has one too , for the Hugo.
They are very specialized in mains and ps, and have a good reputation.
For now I prefer to wait before definitive impressions.

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:small_blue_diamond:@frenchrooster,…I think you understand when I write “my” :wink:.

• For example,.@Pete_the_painter has taken an exemplary responsibility for “its” Ooops-thread.

Therefore,.it has developed so well,and become a nice and interesting thread.
You choose for yourself,.but Richard.Dane has clarified the OP’s “role”.
And like everything in life,.if you show action and take initiative,a better result is usually achieved.

:small_orange_diamond:Ps: As you know,.I am the admin and moderator of my own Hifi high-end forum in Sweden.
There I always have a dialogue with,.and try to support the OP.
Because without OP’s involvement in “their” thread,.it will be no good thread.
Moreover,.I think most people outside Sweden also understand that.

• I’m absolutely NOT the most important person on my forum,.it’s the OP.
Because without an OP,.no thread = no forum.


We are not in Sweden Peder. If you are authoritative as an OP, you will just make people nervous and not help the thread to become gentler.
I accept no other authority than the Administrator one, because he is in his role and right.
I am tired with members, specially in the systems pics, who say to you ‘“ back to the topic’ with an authoritative tone.
So sorry Peder, I will not act as an “OP Administrator “. Just flag or eventually react ( I hope not) if there are negative at hominem comments.
We can not agree on all. It’s my position here.


Quick question frenchrooster

How many hours has the switch run? (Prior to the new psu)

Are the cables new?

Following with interest :+1:

Since were taking about LPSUs. And in case anyone is interested. I have been home demoing the Zen LPSU for my Innuos Zen Mini 3. After listening through headphone (Grado RS225) and speakers (Kudos X2) I have to say I am having a hard time finding any SQ differences between it and the standard power supply.
Perhaps my system is not revealing enough to make out any differences.
(Although the last SQ test I did - which was streaming tidal over BubbleUPnp Vs natively to the Naim SuperUnit - I did hear an improvement)
So not sure why, to my findings, it has not improved the Zen Mini 3.

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:small_blue_diamond:That’s what I’m talking about,.having an active overview and working with Richard :wink:.

:small_orange_diamond:But enough talked about this,.is it these fuses that sit in your new LPS…

97562556_2441056712852029_4320793183458951168_n (2)
These above,.have Mr.Cableoholic bought from USA,they cost $159 each.


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The Uptone Etheregen is completely run in, maybe 400 hours today.
The cable on the MCRU is a 075 MCRU one, with furutech plug.

After only 5 hours run in ( I left it working 4 hours without listening), I am impressed.
Great job from MCRU.
It’s so clearly better that I have even no need to put back the stock SMPS.
It reminds me the upgrade I heard when I first put an xps on my past Cdx2: the sound became more fuller, open, sharper, fluent, detailed and nicer.
Only 5 hours and I am very very satisfied.

With the Farad, I had to wait 100 hours to begin to enjoy it. But even there, I was connecting back to the SMPS, then back to Farad…many many times to really see what I missed and what I gained.
Same for the lps 1.2.

The MCRU pinnacle is the best of MCRU linear ps ( for MCRU). More expensive than both the last, with a total cost of around 900 euros.
But what a wonderful uplift to the ER!!
Not a hint of negative point, not a hint of brightness. It’s a keeper.


I think it’s that. They are already inside. MCRU wrote on specs: SR Orange fuse.

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:small_blue_diamond:@frenchrooster,…What does this LPS cost,.as these fuses are expensive.
And a Furutech-contact usually isn’t free.
Do you think you can take a picture of the Furutech plug…?

I have worked alot with Furutech and Oyaide-contacts in the last year,.so it would be interesting to look at such picture.


The linear ps comes with that power cord, Oyaide gold plated dc cable, and SR Orange fuse.
Was built to ER specs.
Around 900 euros.

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From your listening experience, has the hint of brightness disappeared from all recordings?

The brightness was with the Farad only, not really on recordings.