LISTENING EXPERIENCE for linear ps and switches

I am somewhat confused because from my experience there are recordings that err on the bright side.

Of course, but it was not my point here. It was, in my system and ears, a result , on some recordings, of the Farad/ Etheregen combo.
On the same recordings, with the stock SMPS, Uptone lps 1.2 and now MCRU, there is no brightness on these same recordings.

Taking into consideration that there is no brightness on the same recordings, have you noticed any loss of dynamics as a result of the suppressed brightness?


I know what you are searching to prove. But for me the Farad was adding brightness sometimes, not revealing brightness on the recordings I was mentioning.
However, of course, if there was some brightness in the recording, the Farad was exacerbating it.
The most dynamic of the linear ps are the Farad and MCRU. The latest a bit more revealing, with better defined bass.
But in the same time the MCRU is much fuller, organic, with nicer and softer tones.
The Farad has a leaner presentation, and a bit too clear high frequencies.

Could you please explain what I am searching to prove?

From my experience, even the ND555 does not alleviate the brightness that is inherent in some recordings. Removal of brightness from your experience would imply that there is a dulling of the inherent sound characteristics.

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I felt that you were searching to point that the Farad may be just more neutral and showing only what is in the recording.
Removing brightness can be a dulling of dynamics, I agree.
But you have also some power cords, cables, …that can give a bright character. A bad association with the system.
I have tried some power cords in the past that had a bright character on my system.

You can argue indefinitely, but in my listening experience of these 3 linear ps, the most revealing, dynamic, detailed sound was quite on the same level for Farad and MCRU. However the MCRU have much more meat on the bones and much nicer presentation. It’s all.

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Do they make a LPS that fits the Cisco 110v? Can it improve upon a Lite On SMPS? I only have the one, using POE for the switch closest to the streamer/nas.

@Peder can respond. He uses linear ps on Cisco.
Is it not 48 v ?

My Cisco PD is 53v 1.5A and I need 110v.

Because I still have a Cisco 2960 8tt in my home and the specs were saying 48 v.
Perhaps there are different Cisco models with external ps.
Why not ask MCRU, they make custom ps for many devices as dacs, servers, switches…


• On the internal SMPS to Cisco WS-C29608TC-L,.it is 12V 550mA.
• On Cisco 2960 with external SMPS,.it is 48V 300mA.


I have read a description by a knowledgeable person of one effect of ground plane RF modulation in a DAC, causing a false “brightness” to the sound. Blocking the RF removed the brightness, that being the false effect. It makes me wonder if that is the same as the effect you describe, the switch filtering out RF interference superimposed on the signal, or breaking its path to the DAC’s ground, if that is possible for the switch as powered to do.

(The interesting thing is that some people prefer the “brighter” sound, although it is the modified sound. Of course other people the opposite - and with “brightness” it may well depend on the rest of the system and the listener’s hearing.)

Ideally, the good ones are the ones that are as neutral as possible, adding any mods or distortions to the playback system is not desirable. That is one of the reasons that I do not like the ER, I want the playback as true, and realistic as possible.

I will respond, as also for @Innocent_Bystander: the ER, with its stock ps, sounds neutral and natural to my ears and system. Apparently not in yours.
With its stock SMPS, Uptone lps and MCRU lps, there’s absolutely no brightness.
But with the Farad, the sound is a bit too clear and lean, which can turn to bright on some tracks. On my system, mains…the Farad / Er is not a good match globally speaking.
On some tracks the sound was wonderful, but others it had some brightness.
With the MCRU, I have only positive impressions: dynamics, bass, open soundstage, full and organic sound , and very nice tones and textures.
Perhaps should I had to ground the ER when connected to the Farad. But I didn’t knew how to do it. However others reported also that the Farad has a clear and lean presentation.

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I ran a dedicated sub panel to my audio system
This powers the audio gear
Any SMP received dedicated lines as well but fed from the main electrical panel
The modem has a dedicated line as well
All out lets are hospital grade or PS audio outlets
Modem has a linear power supply
3 different types of Ethernet cables run before to compare.
All this made a very big sonic improvement to the enjoyment we get listening to music.
But now I do hear less difference between the SMP that’s feeding the Dac / Mscaler then before but putting a linear power supply on the modem still bring better sound.
It has me thinking I’ll try different LPS’s on the Dac
Added a Melco network switch and that was a very nice improvement to the music as well, very very happy with that since I had to buy it with out trying.

Now with all this done I will get back to comparing a rip made with a D-100 vs Core.

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Are you sure?

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Glad you’re happier with the new PSU, which is of course a more traditional design with relatively large transformer compared with the supercapacitor designs of the Farad and LPS1.2. Maybe try it with a good Bussman fuse. I didn’t get on with the SR fuses when I played with them, finding they lose microdetail and texture, but the Orange is newer. I tried the Black.

Have I understood this correctly - this is a power supply for an Ethernet switch?

:small_blue_diamond:Mike_S,…Yes you have,.and as with everything in this interest…Everything Matters…!!