LOMC or HOMC on 32.5

Hi all,

I’m considering moving from my Ortofon 2m Black to a moving coil cartridge - likely the Dynavector 10x5 v2 (although open to other suggestions).

Any thoughts about whether to use this as an opportunity to shift to low output boards? I don’t know if either the MM/HO or LO boards is considered better than the other.

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I use a DV 10X - and have done for many years (and several versions of the 10X).

The usual recommendation is to use the 322 N boards in a 32-5 (or 42-5, or 62, or 72) - or 522 N boards in the 102, 82, or 52.

But… some users on here quite like to use 323 or 533 E boards. Not mandatory - but will give you a better volume match vs CD/Streamer/etc.

See also here - Boards for 72

YMMV, as always…

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The N 322 boards with the 10x5 were a bit underwhelming on my Nac72.
I had a pair of 323 serviced and changed to the E type as suggested above. Great combination with the 10x5 and 72.

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I’m a bit confused - the tape output runs through the phono boards? re your comment about CD/Streamer.

No, not at all. What I mean is than with N boards a DV10X is quite a low quieter than CD - volume wise. It works fine - you can just get a bit of a surprise when swapping between inputs… :astonished:

Using E boards fixes this… :expressionless:

OK, that makes sense.

But to be clear, part of what I’m asking is whether to go with a LO or HO 10x - both are available. Perhaps an LO was not in the past.

AFAIK, the DV10X is always high output MC.
But the DV20X does come in both low and high output MC versions.
(I have checked Pear Audio’s website, who distribute Dynavector in the UK.)

Perhaps that’s what you meant to type… :thinking:

There is actually now a low output version.

My comments as above, relate to the high output MC, original version of the DV10X.

I cannot comment on any low output version of the 10X, as I know nothing about that.

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