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I want to move my 250dr closer to the speakers as I want to upgrade the speaker cables, so I will need a longer din to xlr cable about 5 mtr. Will I have a problem with hum or any other problems, xlr are usually good at hum rejection but what about din?

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Generally… not an approach Naim recommend. Sorry… :confused:

Naim intended the 250 to run with the standard length (1 metre - ?) interconnect. Not with a longer cable of unknown pedigree.

Also, your speaker cables should be 3,5 metres minimum - and ideally be Naim NACA5 - or something with similar electrical characteristics… :thinking:


Unfortunately that is where balanced connections/cables show their strength; ability to use rather long lengths. Not an option with Naim which support only unbalanced connections. Each has its advantages.

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Some time ago I asked via my dealer if Naim could make a longer length Powerline Cable. The answer was “no”, not from their lack of interest in doing so but the standard length was regarded as the optimum.
Got round it by swapping boxes around.

Naim’s approach is to keep interconnects short and speaker cables long. A 5m DIN-XLR cable may push the pre-amp into instability as it wasn’t designed to drive an interconnect of this length (note it is single ended here, not balanced). Furthermore your NAP250DR likes decently long speaker cables (Minimum 3.5m per channel of NACA5) as the cable itself is part of the design of the output stage. See the FAQ on this here.


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There are a lot of high-end systems with dual mono amps and the amps are located very close to each speaker. Just a meter or 2 of speaker cable. Requires long balanced cable runs from the preamp, which are not a problem in those systems.

Ok thanks, have to go with plan B, move the system closer. A bit more involved.

Does that mean you are hoping to save money by buying shorter lengths of this expensive speaker cable? If so you may be doing more harm than good. See comments above about lengths of NACA5 being 3.5m minimum, 5m or more optimal. With non-Naim cables the ideal lengths are likely to be longer still depending on the specs.

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