Loss of BBC Streaming

Anyone else suddenly lost connection to BBC internet radio stations? I have a Naim Uniti, Muso and MusoQb. All 3 suddenly lost the ability to connect to BBC internet radio on 26/10/23. I have tried disconnecting at the wall, disconnecting the modem and router, re-installing them as new devices using the app - nothing works. The app says my firmware is up to date. I’m wondering if this is anything to do with the change from Shoutcast streaming technology on BBC Sounds. I’ve contacted Naim for advice but haven’t yet had a response. Does anyone have any ideas? Many thanks all.

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See this thread…


This query also appeared on the Naim Facebook page and the person asking was referred to the Naim forum

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I’ve been directed to another thread which offers a solution. The problem is with the presets. To solve, just delete your existing BBC presets and then re-set them using Naim’s latest list of internet stations. I imagine the tuning has altered. Anyway, it works. This is my first use of Naim Audio Community and I am mightily impressed. Thanks all.


Iradio isn’t tuned as such, at all. The URLs changed when the BBC implemented their shift in format for their streams. So changing the stored URLs to the current ones is what everyone has to do.


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